New Release for #99cents! HMS Lanternfish by C.S. Boyack! #pirates #fantasy

I sent Lisa Burton to visit with Charles today. She’s handing out a new poster in support of HMS Lanternfish, so you don’t want to miss it. Charles is a super supporter and a prolific author himself. Check out his blog and book offerings while you’re there.

Legends of Windemere

(A big welcome to Lisa Burton who is here to promote C.S. Boyack’s newest book: HMS LANTERNFISH!  It’s a big pirate, fantasy action adventure and the author’s first foray into the world of trilogies.  Enough from me though.  Take it away, Lisa Burton the Robot Girl!)

Thanks for having me back, Charles. I love getting away from the writing cabin and touring all over the country. As you might guess, Craig has a new book out. This one is a bit different, because it’s Craig’s first trilogy. Specifically, this is book two of the trilogy.

HMS Lanternfish picks up where Voyage of the Lanternfishleft off. In a world gone mad, James and his pirate crew decide to take Lanternfish out once more to see if they can change the outcome of the war.

Part of the charm of Lanternfish is that it takes place in a fantasy world…

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6 responses to “New Release for #99cents! HMS Lanternfish by C.S. Boyack! #pirates #fantasy

  1. Congrats, Craig! I loved the root monsters … I I I 😊

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  2. Fantastic, Craig, going over to finish reading.

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  3. Went there and did all the right things.

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