Strange times this week

There were some fun things on the blog this week. Lisa Burton Radio is a hit, even if the rest of the blog world feels slow right now.  Has anyone else noticed things slowing down online?

John W. Howell’s character, John Cannon did a booming business. I even received several more inquiries for fictional characters to get on Lisa’s radio show. I mailed out a cluster of questionnaires last night. First come first served, so I expect to be working on one or two over the weekend.

I mailed out a plethora of covers and small blurbs. Next time I’ll organize the Book of Heroes a little better to keep track of what everyone volunteered for. I don’t think I missed anyone, but one email is undeliverable due to …magic, I don’t know. A cluster of email is not the best way to keep track of groups.

I received a 15 year placard at work this week. It’s nice, but the bubble wrap it came in is more fun. Work was a zoo. I had meetings and stresses galore, but it’s over for three days. Today started out frosty and grey. The sun came out about noon, and so did the squirrels. (I’m not referring to arboreal rodents.)

For relaxation this weekend I’m going to try getting The Playground published. (This isn’t relaxing. I’m joking.) There may be some Irish whiskey left over to help me. My goal is to pepper the internet with cover art and blurbs, then follow it up with some creative blog posts that include a purchase link. To do that, I need a purchase link.

That reminds me, I’d better make sure the Mac is all up to date before I go to bed. It seems like there is always an update for it. Amazon publishing doesn’t work on my iPad, or I’d use it. If I get the updates done tonight, tomorrow should go easier. Fingers crossed. I expect problems with the new table of contents rules. My novels all use numbered chapters, so I don’t see the appeal. I made a nice functional one for Experimental Notebook, so I have done it once. (If I could only remember how.)

If I have any kind of success, and the weather continues, I have two fruit trees I’d like to get pruned. After that, it’s all about promoting, updating things with the new book, and blogging. I’ve already got requests for a couple of Lisa visits to promote the new book, and I need to write and deliver those too.

I’m not earmarking any time for my work in progress, but Monday is a slim possibility.

It’s a plan. It isn’t a giant plan, but the steps are important ones.


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28 responses to “Strange times this week

  1. Yes Blogging Land feels a bit quiet…

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  2. Love that final line. Congrats on the bubble wrap.

    I’ve noticed the blogging world has slowed down too. It’s been heading that way for a while. Seems like it gets quieter every month, which makes me wonder what’s going on. Could the blogging realm be collapsing?

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  3. Good luck with your writing this weekend. Yes, I have noticed that at times the people coming to my site decreases. I figure it’s a matter of my writing not being everywhere it should.. like maybe it’s not getting into certain readers. Oh well, always picks back up eventually!

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  4. Busy time. I wish you the best on getting The Playground published.

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  5. It’s going to be cold here this weekend. Not crazy cold, but turn the heat back on cold. I anticipate reading and movies and puter, PLUS sleeping in, and I am tremendously excited about it! Gonna be fried chicken and brownies, as well. Seriously, excited! lol
    Could you define squirrels that are not arboreal rodents? Google was of no help.

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  6. I was off the mark on blogging for several months last year and I attributed the sound of crickets to loosing my audience due to my own negligence. I used to post and work around the blogosphere daily. I took some time today to visit some of my old friends who used to come by regularly, only to find that many haven’t posted for months either. Very strange.

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  7. Ali Isaac

    Busy weekend for you! I am away in UK till Thursday but after that am happy to support your new book if that’s not too late.

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  8. I hope your weather stays even. After days of feeling like Spring has sprung, we’re expecting 6″ of snow on Sunday and another foot on Monday. Good grief.

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  9. Things were slow for a few days until yesterday. My views and likes skyrocketed. Maybe WP was a bit constipated and opened up yesterday.

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  10. Funny you mention it, I’ve noticed a definite slow down in the last 4-3 days.
    Maybe it’s the time of year? Who knows.

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  11. I had a busy blog week last week, but most of that was due to the RRBC post. Really nice how members came out to support me. I did some editing work today, and realized I have a complicated thread I need to rework. Ugh!

    Congrats on the 15 years and the bubble wrap. 🙂 I’m all done with my CE but PA’s 2-year cycle is coming up the end of May. Never knew if that was a NAR thing or a PAR thing, but I can imagine you’re crazed. Hope all goes well with publishing The Playground. I can’t wait to dive in!

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