New Release: HMS Lanternfish by C.S. Boyack #pirates #fantasy #adventure @Virgilante

I’m over at Mae’s place today with HMS Lanternfish. The topic is research, and more specifically the cool ghosts I discovered and included in my story. While you’re there, check out Mae’s offerings and follow her blog. She has a couple of outstanding series herself and was an inspiration for me to write this series.

From the Pen of Mae Clair

I’m delighted to have good friend and SE colleague, Craig Boyack, on the blog today with his latest release, HMS Lantenrfish. I had a sneak peek of this in the development stages, and it’s a gem of an adventure—-pirates, creatures, high seas adventures, and root monsters! If you don’t know what a root monster is, you’re missing out on something special. 😉

And Craig not only has a splashy new release, but he’s running an incredible special to promote it. I’ll let him tell you the details, along with the deets of some thoroughly fascinating research he did.


Book cover for Voyage of the Lanternfish by author, C. S. Boyack, shows bow of old clipper ship with glowing lanternfish headThanks for having me over, Mae. I’m here to talk about my newest publication, HMS Lanternfish. This is part two of an intended trilogy that began with Voyage of the Lanternfish. This is a pirate fantasy series, and I’ll get more into that at the end.

Right now, I want…

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4 responses to “New Release: HMS Lanternfish by C.S. Boyack #pirates #fantasy #adventure @Virgilante

  1. Thanks for the reblog, Craig, and the shout-out for my books and blog! 🙂

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  2. I have mine. Hope you sell a bunch.


  3. Best wishes on your new release, Craig!


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