Gentle reminder #freebook

My book tour will continue this week. I don’t have anyone for today. I’m just going to drop some cover art and talk about my current promotion, because it’s for a limited time.


Blurb: The Lanternfish crew completed their original mission, but got exposed to a more global problem. An entire continent is at war, headed up by a head-strong young king with dreams of power, and pushed from behind by a mysterious religious order known as the Fulminites.

Rather than let their country fall under the iron boot of conquest, James and his crew set sail once more to see what kind of muscle Lanternfish can lend to the war effort. Acting precariously under an unofficial charter as a privateer, even his allies aren’t always his friends.

HMS Lanternfish explores new worlds on its way to war, and drifts considerably off course. It features an international crew of characters, and for fans of the first book, the root monsters are back, too. Tall ships, a few con games, martial arts, and everything you loved about the original book is all returning.

Hoist the colors and wheel out the guns. Lanternfish is taking to the high seas once more.


That’s the new book and you can get it for 99¢ for a limited time.

I won’t expect you to jump into the middle of a trilogy if you haven’t already read the first book. Amazon came through on my free days. Therefore, you can also get Voyage of the Lanternfish for free, but only this week.

HMS Lanternfish: 99¢ for a limited time.

Voyage of the Lanternfish: Free until Friday.

I’m going to mention that Serang is also part of this world. It is a stand-alone title and is based upon one of the more intriguing characters in the series. Her book isn’t on sale, but if this week plays out well, I could do something with it later this month to keep the momentum going. Here’s a link for her book.


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27 responses to “Gentle reminder #freebook

  1. Really looking forward to HMS Lanternfish, Craig. You picked the perfect time to launch one of your fabulous stories, just when we all need some light relief!

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  2. Great deals, Craig! Best of luck with this launch 🙂

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  3. Since I haven’t had a chance to catch up on most things from the past couple of weeks (when I was first without an internet connection, and then behind on some things while attempting to catch up with others) if you were asking for volunteers for the tour I missed that, but am able to give you aslot if you still need one. Either way, I saw the new book was out yesterday, and grabbed a copy… Looking forward to reading it. 🙂

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  4. This is a fantastic deal – good luck with the tour, Craig!

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  5. I picked up my copy yesterday. My reading for the weekend. Good luck with the launch.

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  6. Best of luck with your new book babies! I just picked up Grinders, and can’t wait to meet my future rat heartthrob. 😉

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  7. Wishing you all the best with the promo, Craig. It’s a great sale for some awesome tales!

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  8. I started HMS Lanternfish last night, Craig! I’m sucked in! Congrats!

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  9. Love this series. Hope you get tons of takers!

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  10. Got mine. Terrific promotion.

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  11. Shared on social media for you. Wishing you all the best with this tour.

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