Stirring things up

One of my goals while not drafting new material is to shake things up around here. It’s nothing drastic, just an attempt to sweep out the old and try some new things.

I need to change my banner, but with a couple of releases looming, I’ll probably just wait until one of the new books comes out. I can recycle the underwater scene when Lanternfish shows up in the Amazon store.

Start over there.

(Not liking this new editor. This should be centered. Probably fix it with the old editor)

In my sidebar, I always keep the two most recent publications available as quick ways to check out those books. I could put all of them over there, but that would be a busy mess. These images are about to be replaced by HMS Lanternfish and The Ballad of Mrs. Molony in the next couple of months.

You can always find everything on my Amazon page, but if you’d like to check out Serang or Grinders, the links are still there. I think they’re two of my better works. Serang is a great way to climb aboard the Lanternfish saga.

Up Top

All blogs have pages, but very few people check them out. I’m making some changes up there, too. If you were familiar with my layout, you’ll notice something missing. I have retired Lisa Burton Radio.

This regular feature was designed so I could pay back all the help others have given me along the way. I designed something a bit different that loaned out Lisa’s popularity as an interview of your fictional characters. They were labor intensive, but quite productive.

Honestly the interviews worked best when I promoted them. By doing that I kept a regular schedule of one per week for over two years. It was fun collaborating with my fellow authors, and we moved a few books along the way, too.

I wanted some of my time back, and quit pushing authors to try it out. They were available upon request, and there’s the rub. Nobody was requesting them. Most authors are introverted to a degree, but we have to promote our wares someplace. Good free options are drying up from lack of use, and Lisa Burton Radio is one of those casualties.

My door is still open to folks who want a place to promote their books, but you can write the darned things now.

Still up there

I’ve added a new page to check out. Music plays a big role in The Hat series. Lizzie and The Pythons play music as a way to get her out at night and travel around as they explore the supernatural world.

Some of my Story Empire friends suggested that playlists are popular and that I should consider sharing one. I’ve never tried anything like this before, and didn’t have a playbook, so I made my own up.

I have a huge playlist on my phone that goes along with these books. However, I limited this page to things that got mentioned in the books. Videos are bandwidth eaters, so I didn’t want a page of videos to clog up your processors. I went with links to most of them, but included a few videos from key moments in the stories.

I won’t publish The Ballad of Mrs. Molony until later this year, but I included the music up above. Maybe it will inspire some interest in that tale. When I have a link and cover I’ll make sure to update it. I threw in a couple of tiny Lisa Burton posters for flavor. As I get those for Mrs. Molony, I’ll add one for that book, too.

I’m looking for feedback on this page. If you think I need the artists, let me know. Some of the older tunes don’t have great videos available so I went with what I could find.

I should change the wallpaper from Frankie’s brindle coat to something more summery. My zucchini is trying to bloom, so maybe it’s time for some bright yellow flowers.

Let me know what you think, and if the pointers are centered when you visit, you’ll know I used the good editor to fix what this abomination thinks I need.


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39 responses to “Stirring things up

  1. I think playlists are a great idea. I also think Lisa had a great run (I know she welcomed me many times), but it took a lot of YOUR time, which wasn’t fair to you. I think you made the right call there.

    I need to redo my site, too. If I could just find the time.

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  2. The images weren’t centred in my email, but they’re great on screen in your post. Lisa had a great run, but you need to better allocate your limited time. Best of luck with everything. Oh, and I love all your artwork 😊

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  3. Lisa’s interviews had to take a lot of time, and time gets harder to find the more you write. I should play with my blog and do more with it, but that takes time, too. Enjoy shaking things up while you can!

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  4. Sorry to see Lisa Burton Radio go. It was fun, but I know it was difficult for you to keep it going. Does seem like it’s harder to get authors to do promotions too. I tried announcing an ‘Author Promo Day’ a few years back when things seemed to be drying up. Got a lot of people to volunteer, but most of them never submitted anything. Those who did were the same people who always do it. So, I’ve really lost any idea on how to help other authors. Sure seem to be a lot who complain that I don’t help, but then they never give me anything when I counter with ‘give me a promo post’. Now I’m just venting.

    I like the playlist idea. I’m always listening to music while I write and I try to put a music video with my Saturday post. Even though I don’t put music into my story, it’s what helps my imagination flow.

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    • Authors need to be invested in their own careers. If they’re too shy to approach me that seems to be their problem. I’ve had to volunteer for most of the items I host for others, because people don’t ask. I don’t do enough, but I try not to spend a lot that I don’t have. Free places to post are golden to me. Music motivates me and can even be a muse of its own. Maybe someone will check it out.

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  5. The images are centered when I view your blog. They look good

    It’s weir–I really like Gutenberg when building a hosted website, but the version I get on the back-end of my blog isn’t as user friendly. Right now, WP is giving me a lot of grief. It won’t load new comments for me, and won’t allow me to like any pages or posts. I can’t like your playlist page but I think you did a good job with it.

    You put a lot of work into LBR. It was a cool feature, but I think you could invest that time elsewhere and let guests—as you said—write their own posts.

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    • WP makes me log in a second time to comment some places. No idea what it’s problem is lately. Lisa will always have work to do. She’s getting fitted for some fancy leather armor right now.


  6. I love playlists and I usually have one for each of my books. Not sure why I’ve never posted them before. I’ll miss Lisa’s interviews, but I’m hoping she’ll still turn up elsewhere!

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  7. Your playlist idea is terrific. Yes, the pointers were centered. Lisa was a great idea but I agree, maybe time to retire.

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  8. I know the new editor takes some getting used to. I’ve used Canva for most of my website design and also paid more for the business plan so I could incorporate some widgets into my site. The free WP sites are changing and the limitations are disheartening. You know you always have promotional opportunities on my blog. I’m working on a new book, so not around as much. ❤

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  9. I enjoyed Lisa Burton radio. I will miss her. I do know she did take a lot of time. I know we will see Lisa around. Can’t wait to see the revised site.

    I use a playlist when I write, but don’t mention the songs in any of my WIPs.

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  10. I’m a big fan of playlists and have created them for each of my Driscoll Lake novels.

    I enjoyed Lisa Burton radio, but I understand getting those posts together was time-consuming.

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  11. Ooo! The Playlist page is an amazing idea! Not to mention, many of your songs are so rad 🙂
    I might (in all my spare time) have to steal the idea and do something similar 🙂

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  12. You’re right, web sites and blogs need to be kept fresh, and when you’re between projects is a perfect time to focus on that.

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  13. You are stirring things up! It’s hard for me to balance the non-writing book/blog activities with plain old writing, but those occasional “stirrings” are important. Sounds like you have a plan, Craig. I picked up Serang while it’s still a click away. Not that I need more books, but this one has been on my book radar for a while. 🙂 I can’t wait to read it.

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  14. Gwen M. Plano

    Sounds good to me….and reading through your ideas, I realized I need to make some changes on my site. Housekeeping is such a downer. 🙂

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