A writing day

I got to the writing cabin late this morning. It felt good to not have the alarm clock dictating my day for a change. Lisa Burton was nowhere to be seen.

There was hot coffee in the kitchen, so I helped myself, before heading to my office.

Lisa’s voice came over the intercom. “What’s it going to be today? Lizzie and the hat, or a little bit of piracy?”

I picked up my pirate hat and pulled it on. “Why do you want to know?”

“Because I want to wear the right outfit.”

I turned on my iPad, then took a seat. “I’m thinking Lanternfish today.”

“Thanks, I’ll be right there.”

I dedicated a lot of words to adjusting to a fleet of three ships. Serang’s ship still needs some things, and those had to be created. I ended that section with a pennant for her to fly and by painting the name Kirin across the rear of her ship.

This is a neat callback to her origin tale, but the language has changed. Quilin is the name from her country, but Kirin is the name from Giapon. The appearance of this magical creature always marks great change in her life. (His appearances are more symbolic than an actual animal showing up.)

Then I moved back to Lanternfish. Mule is still working on the knife he found in Giapon, and it’s going to play a larger role later in the story. He’s also trying to hide his animalistic ear from Yoshiko, who was the girl presented to James as a concubine.

Lisa showed up in her pirate gear. “Reporting for duty.”

Lisa Burton

“Cute, but you may want to put on more clothes. They’re sailing through arctic waters right now.”

“That’s bogus. Do you know how hard it is to get deliveries right now? I’ll button my vest, but I can’t get any new clothes for weeks.”

“We’ve all had to adapt.”

She looked over my shoulder. “You need to end Mule’s suffering. He obviously likes that girl, but he’s ashamed of his ancestry.”

“James isn’t going to have a clue. What do you suggest?”

“Have one of your con men tip him off. They’re supposed to be great observers.”

“Oh yeah. Then he can act like a father and try to make things right.”

Lisa left me to my own devices, so I moved the ship further into the arctic, added some tiny bits of arctic wildlife, and an encounter with the Northern Lights. The root monsters wanted to know if Saint Elbow was coming back.

James convinced them that it’s Saint Elmo, and the Northern Lights are different.

I ended my day by sailing them directly into a wall of ice that blocks the passage. The last discussion was to sail around or wait for summer.

Lisa brought in a plate with a sandwich.

“Bologna? Really?”

“I’m having a hard time getting things right now. It’s bologna or nothing.”

“I like bologna. This won’t last forever, then we can get a variety of food and you can buy more clothes.”


It all sounds a little slow, but the delays can work to my advantage. While they’re trying to get there, the war rages on. I need the situation different so James has to adapt on the fly. I think that’s better than knowing where all the advantages are and trying to turn the tide.

I’m going to add in a monster encounter, probably tomorrow. Lanternfish has plenty of monsters and it’s been a while since one showed up. This one is going to be more like a gigantic version of something that already exists, but I may change it up a bit as I write it.

This will also provide an opportunity for the root monsters to tell the tale, because they were largely left out during the section in Giapon. I know everyone likes the root monsters, so I want to keep including them.

Right now, I have the obstacle, a supply stop, then the war. I hope to wrap it up in the traditional second book style of total disaster with a glimmer of hope. That will allow me to exploit that glimmer of hope into the third book in the trilogy.

It came to about 3500 words today. If I can write my monster encounter, then clear this obstacle, I might have enough for my critique group by tomorrow night.


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26 responses to “A writing day

  1. You got a lot accomplished. Congrats!

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  2. Excellent progress. Love the use of the word ‘Kirin’ too.

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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Craig. Love how you and Lisa go on about this and that, as you’re plotting out your tale. And monster encounters are always good! The whole thing sounds exciting, and I’ve got some catching up to do. Worked on some major physical projects around here today, but I just might take tomorrow off and read. Haven’t done that in forever! Sharing! 🙂

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    • I need another reading day, too, but I don’t want to squander good writing time.

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      • I’ve tried to make use of this time for finishing my current WIP, but I’ve discovered I simply can’t concentrate. I keep writing and rewriting the same two paragraphs and getting nowhere. So I’ve stepped away for a (hopefully) short break to work on some other chores. I plan to put my writer’s cap on again Monday, and see if I’m in a better place, able to leave this world behind for a few hours and join my characters in theirs. Good luck to you as you make progress on your various tales! 🙂

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  4. I always like hearing about Lanternfish. I’ve never written a true three book story arc, so it surprised me when you mentioned this book had to end in near disaster with a glimmer of hope. I hope most of your characters survive. I like them all. Sounds like you’re nearing the last big black moment and wrap up. Does James get to spend some time with his wife before the last book? You haven’t mentioned her for a while. Is she pining at home somewhere?

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    • Ha ha! I’ve never written one either, but I’m determined to check that off the author list. Right now she’s safely parked somewhere. She’s going to play an important role in the final book, but most of that will happen off the page. They will get some time together before he heads out once more.

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  5. A great writing day, Craig. I didn’t write at all today because I cleaned my entire house and then made my EAster cake and goodies for tomorrow. I am getting up early tomorrow to write. Have a good one.

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  6. If you’re trying to figure out a cool creature, narwhals are very popular these days. You could do your own riff on it.

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  7. Fantastic Craig! I love how you share your thought processes with us as you go. Your word count is inspiring!!

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  8. I won’t argue one bit about adding more root monsters.

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  9. Sounds like the story is coming along nicely.

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  10. D.L. Finn, Author

    It sounds like a very productive day:)

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  11. You get a lot done with versatility 🙂 I relate to Lisa’s inability to get what she needs and to eating bologna. I ate bologna a few weeks ago — after not having had any for years — and my kids thought I was disgusting.

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  12. That sounds like you had the perfect day writing. Congratulations! 😊

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