Still trying to have a little fun

I got to work from the office yesterday. It was the best workday of the week. The view out my window involved this little guy.

I like him. He has this whole pompadour thing going on. If they don’t open all the barber shops back up, I might be giving him a run for his money in another few weeks.

Tomorrow is my flex day, and I hope to make the pixels fly. I haven’t done anything that resembles writing in a couple of weeks. Oh, I hacked out a few words last weekend, but they didn’t amount to much.

We have plans to go out Saturday afternoon for supplies. Other than that, we’re staying home and staying away from other people.

Do you think they’ll let me in the bank like this on Saturday?


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47 responses to “Still trying to have a little fun

  1. Not a problem since it it 2020 and not 1883.

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  2. Oh goodness, you do look like a bank robber! But I guess everybody does right now.

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  3. I think the look could give others a run for their money from what I’ve seen out there.

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  4. Wood ducks are beautiful. I’d love to see one. Not sure about your Jesse James look:) You might get in a bank but not a liquor store:) Our store has a big sign that says No Hoodies. Have a great weekend, and hope words flow for you.

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  5. The hat really pulls it all together. Bank should be fine. Won’t be allowed on any trains soon.

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  6. Good photos. You nailed the old western movie vilain look

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  7. Be prepared for the tellers wearing masks too, Craig 😂

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  8. You nailed the villainous look! 😂 … My husband’s hair clippers are looking more and more attractive… I’m sure I could pull off the Sinead O’Conner style lols 😆

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  9. Add a six-gun to your ensemble and you have it made! 🙂 The other day I told my husband the sixties look might come back in style if barber shops don’t open soon!

    Love the wood duck, BTW.

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  10. Exactly how I looked earlier this week for a doc appointment!

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  11. The Old West bank robber look suits you a lot more than it suits me. lol

    Love the duck. One made a nest in my front landscaping when I lived in Ohio. Laid an egg there. The kids and I called her Disco. Haven’t seen any ducks since I moved back to Pennsylvania. Except at the park. I would love to go there today, but it’s SNOWING here. Ugh.

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  12. Love the look, Craig. The hat just adds the perfect touch. 🤠

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  13. Phyllis Boyack

    With so many people wearing masks it might be a problem. Love the duck! Dad is complaining about needing a haircut too. We are doing our best to stay at home and mostly just go get the mail and down to Owens once or twice a week. Love, Mom

    On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 5:42 PM Entertaining Stories wrote:

    > coldhandboyack posted: ” I got to work from the office yesterday. It was > the best workday of the week. The view out my window involved this little > guy. I like him. He has this whole pompadour thing going on. If they don’t > open all the barber shops back up, I might be givi” >


  14. Life hands us nice little surprises sometimes, just when we need them.

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  15. D.L. Finn, Author

    I think its the perfect way to bank now:)

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  16. Lol! Since none of the banks here are allowing customers in the lobbies, I don’t think it would work at a drive-through. 🙂 Good luck writing. What a gorgeous duck!

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  17. Heh. 😀 … it’s getting bad when an honest bank-robber can’t tell between the other customers and the staff! 😀

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  18. Ha! Sorry I missed this until now! I don’t know which photo I like best, you as a bank robber or the beautiful male wood duck. (We have those here, too, and they are stunning, aren’t they?) Mark tried on a bandanna the other day, since he was getting ready to make a grocery run, and I told him he’d be arrested before he got past the automatic doors. I do think yours sets off your eyes, though, especially under the rim of that wonderful hat! Just sayin’ ….. 😀

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  19. I’m rather late in here, but wanted to say I hope the supply run went well on Saturday.

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  20. They will probably not let you into the bank no matter what. Like, are your banks doing lobby service? Ours are not.
    Moo has worn her bandana out, robber-style, and people have made robber comments to her and she’s really quite over it 😛

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  21. What a great view! And you need a holster and a couple of six shooters for your bank heist. 😆

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