Busy, but productive

I started my week off with a visit to Mae Clair’s blog. I ended it with a stop by John Howell’s place. These were both stops to promote Grinders. A couple per week is much easier to manage than the dozen or so I’ve done in the past. I still intend to put out a decent number of them, but I’m going to spread them out a bit more.

Lisa Burton went back on the air somewhere in the middle to host Charles Yallowitz. He also has a new book out, so if you haven’t stopped by Lisa Burton Radio, you probably should.

All of these fine people loaned me their space, or have agreed to soon. I would appreciate it if you’d stop by their places and check them out. Maybe you’ll find a cool new blogger to follow. They’re all accomplished authors, so you might find some great reading there, too.

Today, I focused on producing more tour posts for Grinders, but at two per week it was much less stressful. I’m making every post unique, and that allows me to reblog them without sounding like a broken record. More like a wounded record, maybe.

I also made a new pinned tweet. I’m a big believer in the pinned tweet, and regularly share those of my friends and supporters. That’s why I’m embarrassed to admit that I forgot to make one for Serang. Maybe if I hit the Summer doldrums I can toss one out for that story. It isn’t like I don’t have some great artwork to add to it. I’m not much of an artist, but I can cobble together something presentable.

I also worked through critiques for two different projects. My side project was pretty easy, but Lanternfish took some effort. My group helped me make this section so much better, and I owe them a huge debt. Both projects are ready for new words, and I may add some tomorrow. I have some fun research that I need to shoehorn into Lanternfish somehow.

Today I cleared my decks. No idea where tomorrow will lead me, and I don’t really have a plan for it. I’ll check in with all my hosted posts and might even manage some new words. Hope all of you have a great weekend ahead of you.


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37 responses to “Busy, but productive

  1. Yes, you have been busy! Have a fab weekend back at ya!

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  2. Sounds like a pretty successful week. Hope the weekend does involve some writing.

    I saw and shared all three posts you mentioned the days they went up. Also, I finished reading Charles’ new book the other day, and am currently reading yours.

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  3. I like the sound of your new laid back approach, Craig. Has to be better than burning the candle at both ends and at the middle!

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  4. PS… how do you make a pinned tweet?

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  5. I like your idea of doing two promo posts per week. I’ve been putting a few together for In Search of McDoogal. I’m planning a very small tour on that since it’s such a short read. Two visits a week, I can handle!

    That’s great progress on the fiction. I’m going to try to squeeze in some new words myself this weekend.

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  6. I am taking notes on the two posts per week launch schedule. I would be interested in how you think the sales went when it’s over.

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  7. It feels good to be productive!

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  8. I like your idea, Craig, to do a couple of promo blogs per week instead of dozens. It makes it much more pleasant for you. You are most fortunate to be a part of a critique group. I really want that at some point, if it can come together. Feedback is so helpful because as we are writing, we get the “forest for the trees” syndrome.

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  9. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. I’m trying to pen a few words today. And you’ll be proud to know I did a pinned tweet!

    I agree a couple of promos per week is much more manageable. Promoting new releases is exhausting.

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  10. I think your “wounded record” strategy is a great one! Much less debilitating than a broken one! Good luck with all the stuff you have on your plate. Me, I’ve spent the last two days researching opossums and armadillos for my next nature talk. I doing them, but I am really wanting some uninterrupted writing time. Definitely thinking about giving up sleep altogether. I’ll let you know how it goes, so you can decide if it would help you in your endeavors! 🙂

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  11. I usually do promo before a Jazzi book comes out, so it’s already in place, but even doing it that way takes two weeks of work. I’m not as dedicated with Muddy River and it shows. No one finds your books if you don’t promote them. I like the idea of a couple of promos a week. Hope it has wonderful results. And glad you’re still pounding out Lanternfish:)

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  12. I ike your idea of spreading out the promos. That’s what I’m trying to do with A36 (I’ll be emailing you this week about Lisa Burton Radio).

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  13. Your promotions are always a welcome sight to me, and I know they must be a huge source of pride and satisfaction for you. Congratulations, my friend, on completing another amazing book!

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