Breaking for a moment…

I really threw myself into writing today. It’s fun when you can see the end in sight, and know everything is coming together. I woke up fairly early, and managed 4600 words before lunchtime. Then I took a break.

I’m at 5450 on the day right now, and decided I needed another break. I’m going to see if my game is televised in about an hour, and if it is, I’m likely done. If not, I’ll probably keep going. I don’t get this kind of opportunity every weekend.

Serang and her master broke off from the caravan. They avoided a conflict with a huge baboon troop over the water hole, by riding around them. Have you seen the teeth on those guys, and the muscles. A few flintlock muskets wouldn’t be enough to stave off an entire troop of them. Since it’s fantasy, I can ramp up their abilities a little without concern.

They spent an extra day at the next waterhole, but the caravan is long gone now. Finally they went looking for an ancient trail that her master said was used by “wild men.” He’s referring to ancient people before civilization took hold.

They found bits and pieces of it, and something I never planned for happened. This is called an inukshuk.

The trail may be long gone, but the ancient markers are mostly still there. It gave the desert crossing a bit of a treasure hunt feel, and I really like it. I even played with shadows and light to reveal some of them and it turned out cool.

I saw inukshuk when I was in arctic Canada many years ago. The Inuit told me people made them because they were lonely, and that way they had a friend. Sounds like BS to me, but that’s what they said. The Basque sheepherders made rock monuments to mark the path they moved the sheep on every summer where I grew up. Eh, I stole a little from both of them.

I kept my monuments pretty primitive, and used desert sandstone to make them instead of glacial rubble.

Just before this post, they finally spotted the Temple of Wind in the distance. I’m excited for this part too, and don’t have any real plans for what happens as they pass through. I’m excited to see what happens myself. As a storyboarder, my index cards only hit the high points. The Temple of Wind is on an index card, but how I deal with this will be revealed as I write.

I should probably keep going, but if the game is on, I’m watching it. We’re dropping the Extra Innings package this year. I watched nearly every game last year, but it’s too damned expensive to keep up with. I’ll catch what few games I can, and check scores in the morning. We’re even talking about going with Hulu and getting rid of the whole satellite system entirely.

Maybe there’s something more to the statement about being a starving artist. Sometimes the only entertainment you can afford is your art. I’ve dedicated a lot of time to mine this weekend, and intend to spend more.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend whatever you’re doing.


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37 responses to “Breaking for a moment…

  1. I’ve been looking at Hulu too. It’s pretty cheap if you get the first package, which still has commercials. Feels like it’s a hard call for some reason.

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  2. tmauthor

    My author hat is off to you. You’re so damned productive! Wish I could be.

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  3. Nice to hear productive words, Craig. Hope you enjoy the game or writing whichever you choose.

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  4. We got rid of the whole satellite thing a long while ago. We got an antenna, used it twice since. Once to see that it worked and once this winter to check morning snow/ice weather video. We stream only, we’re Amazon Prime and have Netflix and there’s more good stuff than we have time to watch. We go off and on with Hulu. You can add a lot to Hulu and still not spend much. We’ll have it a while, catch up, put it on hold, then pick it up again. Lots of nights, we just have music anyway. The Mister watches sports on his phone intermittently. I dunno how, exactly. We’re happy.
    Those inukshuks are super cool. I’ve never heard of them before and so I looked them up, too. I love stuff like that. You always find the goodies.

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  5. D.L Finn, Author

    What a great writing day. Hope you got to watch your game.

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  6. There are far too many writers out there bemoaning all the depressive aspects of writing. Quite refreshing to read about such good progress and enjoyment thereof! My hat is off to you, Craig!

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  7. I hear Sling lets you pick and choose only what you want, but I don’t know what they offer or how expensive it is. I hope you get to watch a lot of your team’s games, anyway. (Diamondbacks, I think?)

    You had a great writing weekend. Really glad for you!

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  8. Congratulations on making such great writing progress over the past couple of days.

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  9. Those stone markers are really interesting. As I understand, they are still used in wilderness areas to mark trails, for instance over areas of solid stone where a trail would not be visible. Apparently, people also build stacks of rocks as a meditation or something, and these can confuse where the real trail lies. Hope Serang stays on the right path!

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  10. How exciting to make such awesome progress!! I’m impressed! Isn’t it way cool with the inspiration AND the time both come together? I haven’t had cable TV in ten years. My kids bought me a Roku device and through them, I have any and everything I need. It’s great! And cheap!

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  11. You are really on a roll. I’m totally jealous. I managed around 1K today, but did do a rewrite of the first chapter of my WIP and made a major change in plotting, Also had to research some nasty stuff about strangulation. I shudder to think of the Google searches I do.

    Love the idea of an inukshuk. Can’t wait to see how you use it!

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  12. Three of my friends have dropped their Comcast bundles and gone to Hulu and Netflix. They tell us we should think about it, but we still have time on our contract.Then we’re going to look into it.

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  13. Totally envious of that word count, Craig Nice job.

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