My weekend

I really only had two goals for this weekend. It’s a short weekend for me, between the holidays. We don’t get flex days on holiday weeks. I pretty much failed anyway.

I wanted to get some back of the book material out for Lanternfish, and I accomplished that much.

Getting a haircut was part of the plan too, and I failed. My hair lady has moved on to another shop in the same franchise. I went to her because she is good, but really didn’t like the franchise. Now that she’s 20 miles out of my way, my happiness with her skills doesn’t outway the other burdens.

This franchise has one of those computer systems you must use just to get a haircut. It reminds me of the thing at Red Robin where I have to place my own order, and pay at the table. It’s freaky. I don’t feel like I owe a server a tip if I’m doing all the work. Are they going to ask me to wash the dishes next?

I want to hand someone money for a haircut. I don’t want to contribute to their database, become part of their farm, or do their bookkeeping for them. I just want a haircut. They don’t need my email, Social Security number, phone number or anything else to do that.

There are two places closer to home, so I stopped in to them. One was booked solid, which is a good sign. The other didn’t have anyone on site who could cut hair. They only work Tuesday through Friday. Scratch them off the list.

I’m going to call the busy place, and maybe I can find a new person to do business with. Kind of rough on Thanksgiving week, so I’ll be a bit forgiving. (I may have to buy a ponytailer soon. Or do something like Einstein did with his hair.)

Then I started a different kind of Lisa Burton Radio post. It might take a week or two to sort out, but it’s going to be interesting. Having fun with it, and I won’t post it on Thanksgiving day.

Since we got paid Friday, we managed date night on Saturday. Nothing too fancy, just dinner at Kahoots, which is one of our favorite places. They had pumpkin beer on tap too. It’s the second place I found all season that had some. (Elysian Pumpkinchino.)

We had matinee tickets to watch the Grindelwald movie today. We had a great time, and I would like to see it again to look for all the little things. I like the way Rowling portrayed the rift in a society. Someone has to drink the KoolAid before a movement gets underway. I didn’t like the division of KoolAid drinkers, but I wasn’t supposed to. It was very well done. Go see it.

Okay, so for a two day weekend, it was still kind of productive. A lot of it was family stuff, but it was fun. I need to get back to work on that Lisa Burton post, but I may have to peck away at it during the week… unless I get a haircut one night.


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44 responses to “My weekend

  1. Sorry about the barber issue. Went through that a few years ago after my usual place closed up abruptly. Now, I just go to the same place my mom and wife use. Looking forward to this mysterious Lisa Burton post.

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  2. I am so sorry you had that stylist issue. I’ve lost a lot of stylists that way. I am also familiar with the you-need-to-schedule-online place, having had a run in a few years ago when Moo wanted hers lopped off. I was infuriated. Sign out front read walk-ins welcome and walk-ins were NOT welcome. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the sole purpose of those joints. Now I have a lady who comes to my house. Check around, I bet someone you know has a lady.
    Also, I didn’t know that about Red Robin and now that I do, I won’t go.
    I don’t know what we’ll do this week. Court closes Wednesday at noon, and reopens on Monday, but we may work Friday anyway. Either way, I will enjoy turkey day at home, and that’s nice. I hope whatever comes your way is a happiness, too.

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  3. I have a barber named Mike who has nothing but haircutting stuff. He knows what I like and I’m in and out in fifteen minutes. When in the big cities I went to the chains. So glad I don’t need to do that anymore. Weekend sounded fun.

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  4. I have haircut trauma going years back, so I feel your pain.

    Looking forward to the new Lisa post. Glad you had date night and enjoyed the movie. Have a great holiday week.

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  5. I just walk into a local men’s hairdressers, sit down and the next person with a chair free cuts your hair
    I have it short, I get my hair cut when I have to start combing it 🙂
    But yes, I hand hard currency to the person who cuts my hair, smile and leave. No IT, no databases, not nothing, and all for about seven dollars in US terms

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  6. It doesn’t matter where I go, I always end up hating the result. So, at the moment I look like a shaggy dog, something I really must think about…

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  7. harmonykent

    Sounds like a fun weekend, Craig. Sorry about the long hair! Have a great week and a happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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  8. I hate it when I have to find a new hair lady. 😦 And they never seem to stay put. I agree with you, though. I want to hand someone my money and book my appointment by phone. Can’t wait to see what you and Lisa have up your sleeves!!

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  9. Glad to hear you enjoyed Grindelwald – another friend saw it and had some issues, but I’m still planning to see it.

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  10. We’re waiting to see Grindelwald after the crowds thin out. Glad you had fun over the weekend. The work’s always there. No elves come to finish it:) And hope you get a good haircut. I hate losing people who always do a good job and hoping the next person does, too.

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  11. Glad you got the book related stuff done at least, and had the nice date. I haven’t seen Fantastic Beasts 2 yet, but want to.

    Sorry about your haircut lady. Hope you find another good one soon.

    I hate all this “tell the machines what you want” way of doing things now. Not only is it annoying in general, but they’re making things difficult for people like me with vision problems. Our hospital even has one of those machines to check in for appointments now. So, to go to an appointment by myself, I have to have my driver drop me at the help desk, and point out to them that the reason I haven’t gone to sign myself in with the machine is that I physically can’t, since apparently even me standing there with my white cane, having just been led over to them by a taxi driver who’s told them they have to help me because I’m blind, isn’t enough to make them understand that I am, in fact, blind, and therefore unable to see to use the stupid machines. OK, rant over.

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  12. I can’t wait to see what the new Lisa Burton feature is. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun. I like that thing at Red Robin that let’s you order and pay at the table. I feel like I’m always chasing around servers otherwise, but it sounds like a crazy way to get a haircut.
    I wasn’t all that crazy about Fantastic Beasts, but will probably see Grindelwald. Most likely, I’ll wait for it to hit rental!

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    • I saw an article today that Grindelwald has kind of abandoned the youthful fans that Potter inspired. I agree with that, but it doesn’t make it bad. The closest date I could book at haircut at the new place is December 1st. (I have to put on a tie and make a presentation three days earlier.)

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  13. I never go to movies, Craig, so I’ll take your word on the movie. Sometimes you have to take time out for family, especially over big holidays.

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  14. I usually get my head nearly shaved, then wait 4-6 months until I have Einstein hair for another haircut. My small town has two of those sports cut type places, and one of them wants all that info, maybe they both do, I can’t remember. I used to go to a place in a shopping mall, but the employees would quit cutting hair two hours before closing time so they didn’t have to clean up.

    You would like getting a haircut in Singapore. You put your money in a vending machine which spits out a plastic card. You give the card to the barber to pay for the haircut. Something to keep the employees from handling cash, I guess.

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  15. A very productive weekend. I hope to see the Beasts next week. Loved the first movie.

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