A small update

I’m still not getting anything done. That stresses me out, but life comes up sometimes and we have to deal with it.

Frankie is on the mend. I was at the vet before the sun came up for her ultrasound. The ultrasound is kind of a mixed bag, because there is a chance of no answer at all. The missing part of a toy is either hard rubber or plastic and that rarely shows up on an ultrasound. There are other symptoms that can show up during the procedure.

Our vet was training on the ultrasound, or he was updating his skills, something to that effect. He said he would only charge us about 60% of normal if they could look at Frankie as part of this. That’s a bonus for us right now. I also had the expertise of the trainer to go along with our own vet.

The results: They did not spot the piece of the toy. This is not definitive. The device could have missed it because of its makeup. That leaves us with exploratory surgery, or watching and waiting.

The doctor said they saw no lesions, no hot spots, gas pockets, or anything else that would indicate a foreign body. He recommended the watch and wait method. This drives me nuts, because I like real answers. We discussed the likelihood of this thing passing into her bowel. It is 2.5 to 3 inches long, so it would have to line up perfectly before it could move on. He said he’s removed objects that were in the stomach for six weeks or more.

I asked about the possibility of it digesting, at least in part. He said it would not, but it might lose the bright pink color, or even become softer like old gum. That might make it easier to pass. Or… it isn’t there at all. The only thing we know is she was chewing on the toy and the piece is unaccounted for. For all we know, Otto could have swallowed it, and as big as he is it would likely pass.

Here’s my thought tonight: It isn’t there. However, I wouldn’t like to have an emergency situation while we are out camping a hundred miles from town either.

The aspiration pneumonia happened. Frankie was like a bear rug for a couple of days. She barfed up a piece of cloth about five days ago, something like the tag off a tee-shirt. It’s possible she aspirated some of this, and caused the bigger problem. She got an injection for that yesterday and we brought home some pills for her. Today, she is not her old self, but she is happy and animated. (She’s normally bat-shit crazy, and climbs on the back of furniture like a monkey. I expect my monkey child to be back tomorrow.)

We simply need to be better pet owners than we have been. Frankie is limited to her ball for brief periods and a few Nylabones that she can only get tiny slivers off of. We aren’t ready to turn the whole house into a white-room, but that’s about what she needs.

I was sick all day yesterday too. My nose ran all day, I had chills, aches and pain. I actually went to bed about 7:30 and don’t regret it all. I feel better today.

Some of this put me behind on Lisa Burton interviews. I now have two complete ones to schedule, but it won’t slow down my guests at all. I’ll just have to schedule two of them on Saturday instead of one. Eventually, I’ll get some new words of fiction down.

Back to the paycheck job tomorrow.



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36 responses to “A small update

  1. Glad to know Frankie is on the mend. I’m going to believe she didn’t swallow the toy and that all will be well. Sorry you weren’t feeling well, but glad today is better. Take care of yourself and Frankie.

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  2. Good to hear Frankie and you are doing better. Somebody needs to invent pet health insurance. Though, we can barely get insurance right for humans.

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  3. Well dang. I’m glad you at least got some time to rest.

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  4. I’m glad Frankie is at least animated. I too hope she is back to her old self tomorrow. Thanks for the update.

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  5. Hugs! Hopefully, she didn’t swallow it. Ergh, pneumonia. I’ve had that too many times for comfort. I hope your weekend is better and things look up with Frankie.

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  6. Sorry to hear you’re going through all this. Between the emotional and monetary costs, you’re probably exhausted. Hope things turn out okay.

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  7. Oh dear, Craig, nothing is every easy, is it?

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  8. I hate having to wait and see, the mind tends to do its own thing, suggesting the worst. Far better to know, really. I’m in the ‘he didn’t swallow it’ camp and that seems right to me. Hang on in there, all of you!

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  9. I’m glad she’s at least animated, and hope she’s soon back to her usual crazy monkey -dogself.

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  10. Happy and animated is wonderful. She’ll rebound and be the crazy monkey dog you’re used to. Don’t beat yourself up. My dogs need white rooms, too. I was scrubbing my floor at 3:00 a.m. because Casey ate something nasty in the yard and up it came in the middle of the night. It happens to all of us. Try not to stress too much. (I know; easier said than done.) She’ll be okay. I’ll keep praying for you guys.

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  11. I’m glad to hear Frankie is doing better. She’s been on my mind and n my prayers. Hopefully, in another day or two she’ll be back to her crazy self. Hope you feel better too. I’ve been fighting something all week, but not to the extent that you had. Personally, I can’t wait for the weekend.


  12. Sounds like Frankie’s on the mend – hope you are too, Craig.

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  13. It never ceases to amaze me, the range of surely unpalatable stuff that dogs will gobble up – even when they’re long past puppyhood! I have to watch Toby with raiding the bin, as his regular food comes in a floppy plastic ‘sausage-skin’ with metal clips at each end… He’ll swallow it to get the smallest bit of meatiness left on it. Luckily it always seems to pass through OK (so far)… 😦
    But rubber and cloth toys, no matter how ‘tough’ they claim to be are immune to chunks being taken out them – usually within minutes of their first introduction. Upshot is, he doesn’t get to play with many toys apart from tennis balls, which he’ll shred into little bits when he’s fed up chasing them, but thankfully doesn’t seem to want to swallow. Much better than cloth ropey things which he’ll shred to destruction within minutes – if he gobbles them up I dread the consequences of them going through his intestines getting all tangled… He’s 11 this year and doesn’t seem to be maturing AT ALL!

    Big sympathies with the vet bills – sometimes it’s hard to know if that’s the road you should go down. Very glad that Frankie has improved so much. Hope she’ll be back to doing her bat-shitty routine again very soon! 😀

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