Dialing it in

Today was one of those days. It all started in the middle of the night when Frankie, our bulldog, decided to be sick. About two weeks ago, she decided to swallow a piece of a toy. I know the risks, and this is serious stuff. There is a watching phase, but there can also be an emergency phase. She’s been her normal crazy self this whole time, until last night.

We’ve been on poop patrol for weeks, and no sign of this chunk of toy. Last night she took a tough turn. She tried to vomit, but it didn’t do much more than make her pass out. This has to do with the bulldog breathing system being all squooshed together. We got to the emergency vet sometime after midnight.

A pile of x-rays later, and no determination of anything, they told us to take her home. She spent the rest of the night panting and staring off into space. This morning we ran her to our regular vet. They kept her, did more x-rays, and I have to take her back for an ultrasound tomorrow.

They really can’t see things like plastic or rubber on an x-ray, and there is a pretty good chance it won’t show up on an ultrasound either. The punch line is that the ultrasound will confirm the need for a surgery, or the need for exploratory surgery. Seems like surgery is the end result in either case.

Right now we are hemorrhaging money, and there is no end in sight. I transferred what we had in savings to cover the costs today. Payday isn’t until Friday.

We were also afraid Frankie aspirated something from last night, and one x-ray seems to confirm some of that. They gave her some medicine.

So for today, I had to call in to the office. Sleep deprivation is no way to get work finished. Not to mention the need to run Frankie 20 miles one way through heavy traffic. The emergency vet is only half that far, but there is no traffic at midnight.

I surfed through a few blogs, and hit a few like buttons. My heart wasn’t in it, so I’m sorry if I didn’t leave a comment.

My regular day off is tomorrow, so that worry is off my list.


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44 responses to “Dialing it in

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m so very sorry for what’s going on with Frankie.

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  2. Geez. Hope Frankie gets better soon. Sorry for the rough week.

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  3. All digits crossed for the little one.

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  4. Oh, poor, sweet Frankie! You and your wife must be going nuts with worry. I do hope things work out. I know pet surgery can be scary, both financially and waiting on the outcome. I’m a believer in prayer, so I’ll be sending up some knee mail for all of you!

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  5. I am so sorry. Sending you all positive thoughts and I hope Frankie gets better 🌸

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  6. I do hope Frankie gets better. As you noted these smash nose pups carry extra risks. You are doing all the right stuff. My thoughts are with you.

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  7. Oh, no! I’m so sorry! Offering prayers for her and you and your wife.

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  8. So sorry, Craig. I do hope she gets better soon. Saying a prayer for Frankie as well as you and your wife.

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  9. Well I’m not going to click Like on this. Sweetest wishes for all of you. Hang in there.

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  10. There really should be another button, like just doesn’t do it.
    So sorry to hear about Frankie, hopefully she will be fine but your finances won’t! Do they have pet insurance over there?

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  11. Oh, no! I’m so sorry. When our furbabies hurt, it rips our hearts out. Sending positive, healing vibes your way.

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  12. I’m sorry to hear about Frankie. I hope the source of the problem can be located and dealt with – whether it be a removal of the bit of toy, or something else that’s required – and she’s her old self again soon. I’ll keep everything crossed for you.

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  13. Here’s hoping Frankie (and your sleep deficit) improve enormously very soon. Don’t beat yourself up for not doing much response on your blog-surfing – we understand your energies are needed elsewhere just now! 😉

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  14. Poor Frankie! Hope all goes well, Craig.

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  15. So sorry to hear about this! I know how much Frankie means to you and your family and I’m sending good vibes, prayers, and juju that this resolves itself quickly and painlessly. Take care of yourself too Craig.

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  16. I do hope that as I move forward in catching up to blogs I find that Frankie is okay.

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  17. Hugs and prayers, Craig. I wish there was more I could say.

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