The Enhanced League by C. S. Boyack #NewRelease #SpeculativeFiction #Baseball #RRBC

I’m over at Mae Clair’s place today. We’re talking about all the pomp and peripheral things in The Enhanced League. Stop over and say hi.

While you’re there, look around. Mae is a fantastic author and blogger, and someone you should definitely follow. As an example of how supportive she is, her own book, A Desolate Hour, dropped yesterday. Maybe check out her book while you’re there

From the Pen of Mae Clair

Craig Boyack is a regular visitor on my blog, but no matter how many times he drops by, he always has something new and unusual to share. That slant is par for the course with Craig’s main genre as a speculative fiction author. His latest release, The Enhanced League is truly unique and possibly my favorite of his varied works. I was a beta reader on this novel and was mesmerized by the creativity involved. You can find my 5-Star Amazon review here.

I asked Craig to write about the showmanship he incorporated into his baseball league with mascots and other splashy theatrics. (I loved the Kawaii Girls). Another favorite part for me were the vignettes with sportscasters Ricky Sunderland and Uber Velasquez. Pure gold! Trust me—you’re going to want to pick this one up!


Thanks for the invite, Mae. It’s nice to have places to talk about our new…

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7 responses to “The Enhanced League by C. S. Boyack #NewRelease #SpeculativeFiction #Baseball #RRBC

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Craig.
    And it’s great to host you and The Enhanced League today!

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  2. Another fantastic post, Craig.

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