A little of this, a little of that.

There has been a different kind of content here on Entertaining Stories lately. It isn't that my well ran dry, it's that I've been getting invites. If someone generously wants to support me, the least I can do is reblog and try to drive them a bit of traffic. Let's face it, many of my followers are authors and they should be saving those sites in a folder somewhere for the times they need a bit of support.

Next week is going to be different around here too. I'm participating in a fun blog tour that I helped to create. I'll be hosting the other Story Empire authors while they host me. You'll have the chance to learn about some awesome new books, with deep discounts or free days, and there will be prizes. I'm pretty excited about the ones I'm giving out, but you'll learn more about them tomorrow. It's going to be a lot of fun, so come along for the ride.

While we're doing this, there will still be original content on Story Empire, and I have the monday post in the rotation. In other words, I've been blogging while hosting friends, and being hosted by other friends, the posts just haven't been revealed yet.

My son and I have tickets to see Ghost in the Shell tomorrow. The advertisements look pretty awesome, and the source material was pretty popular. It sounds like the movie is getting terrible reviews, so I don't know what to expect. At least I get to hang out with my son, so that's kind of cool.

Last May, this little bundle of joy arrived at our house:

Otto was actually born on April First, which is kind of fitting after you get to know him.

He had a big first year. He got to wade in the Pacific Ocean, went on multiple camping trips, and had a long-standing battle with plastic water bottles. I'm writing this post in bursts, because he keeps shoving his ball onto my keyboard.

Today, this is what he looks like:

Not the best picture, but he doesn't stand still very long, and it's the best I could do.

If you look behind him, you'll see his gingerbread man, his big lizard, and his rope toy. Not a latex toy in sight.

We were warned about bulldogs and latex allergies. We bought him a glass food and water dish set on the day he arrived, just for this reason.

His absolute favorite toys are the plastic ones. His chin broke out with nasty pustules, and I took them all away. I still have his ladybug ring, several rubber balls, and the last rubber bone that still squeaks.

Over the course of several days, everything seems to have cleared up for him. I feel bad about it, but I may have to get rid of those toys that have latex.

It's odd that it wasn't a problem for a year, but that is kind of how allergies work. It's all fine until it isn't, then they never go away.

Otto tends to go at everything full speed ahead. He plays hard, then he crashes hard. In the time it took to write this post, we played ball for 45 minutes, and my wife participated too. Then he crashed. I'll sneak up and see if I can actually get one more photo:


My flex day is Monday next week, and that's perfect. I can monitor comments on the first day of our big tour, along with those at Story Empire, and I may even finish my reading. (The same reading I was supposed to finish before April arrived.)

So happy April Fool's Day, happy birthday to Otto, and I hope all of you have a great weekend.


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46 responses to “A little of this, a little of that.

  1. Seeing Ghost next weekend. The reviews I read seemed to hate the actress choice or complained about genre cliches. Some of which originated in the animated movie. Honestly it seems so nitpicky these days and I’ve just stopped caring about reviews or even opinions. Happy birthday to Otto.

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    • I’m going either way. People like to complain in public these days, and most of it is pretty meaningless.


      • Part of it is most movies are adaptations Everyone has requirements and ideas of what should be done. It’s a lot of ‘my way or the highway’ these days. Even with books. A plot twist can get an author into a lot of trouble.

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      • So true. Can you imagine trying to trim down The Lord of the Rings for the big screen? “Sorry, Tom Bombadil has to go…”


      • Oh, that really irked people. Also the elves at Helm’s Deep. Yet only the prior fans. This is the trick that people refuse to acknowledge. These movies and shows are made for a wider audience than the source’s base. Ghost is anime and still fringe. A blockbuster movie based off of needs to change to bring in non-fans. It’s like fandoms no longer want to share unless it’s perfect, but a perfect one would probably bomb. Besides, do you go for the movie, manga, or anime here? They’re each slightly different.

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  2. Happy birthday to Otto!

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  3. carmens007

    It sounds an interesting, funny week, indeed. Best of luck with the tour and Happy anniversary to Otto!
    I am sending him some virtual bones!

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  4. Best wishes to Otto, he sure has a personality! And have a great time on the tour, Craig.

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  5. Nice to meet, Otto. My husband adores bulldogs but we’ve never owned one. Looking forward to the tour next week.

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  6. Otto is adorable!!!!! We have a husky puppy, he will be 4 months old soon, came to our house with Giardia, which was not fun for anyone involved. But he is better now, and much more entertaining to watch than TV (and no commercials, just quietness when he finally collapses and takes a nap).

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  7. Happy Birthday, Otto! Looking forward to the blog tour(s) next week too 😀

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  8. Happy Birthday Otto. Good to see you Craig. I’ll be OOT for a while so may not be able to check in.

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  9. Otto is so cute! Hope you get some things done!

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  10. Cuddles for Otto on his special day!

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  11. Tummy rubs to Otto.
    Have a great time at the movie. As you said, at least you’ll get to spend time with your son. I loved the anime, and its solid story-lines. But I have a hard time thinking it would be half as good as a regular movie… I’ll be interested in what you thought. Happy weekend hugs.

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  12. Happy Birthday, Otto! For some reason I still remember your first post when you brought him home and you said something like “today is all about sulking and being separated from family.” That stuck in my head. And then the next day he started to come out of his shell.
    Now look at him. He’s a rockstar, LOL!
    Sorry about the allergies. I had no idea dogs suffered from them too.
    Looking forward to the Story Empire gig. And oh–the new wallpaper is freaky. I like it! 🙂

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  13. Aw, allergies are a bummer. My oldest cat had some chin acne, and I read that plastic may be the cause. Sure enough, I changed out his dishes and it cleared up. He was maybe 8 at the time it became an issue. I was glad for the quick fix.
    I’m convinced Cletus is allergic to our carpet, and that’s NOT a quick fix.
    Happy Birthday to Otto 🙂

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  14. Happy belated birthday to Otto! I always love it when he appears in your posts–esp. pictures. Does his allergy mean you have to take away his squeaky pumpkins? I remember that post; you bought extras when you found them again because he loved them to “death” 🙂

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  15. Happy birthday, Otto! Please don’t tell him I’m late. I don’t want to ruin the good “auntie” karma I’ve built. That’s odd about the latex. Poor baby. His pumpkin ball is cloth, though, right?

    Best of luck with your tour. Sounds fun.

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  16. Happy Birthday to Otto! Looking forward to the blog tour next week – hope you enjoy the movie.

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  17. I know I’m a bit late, but… Happy birthday, Otto!

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