That was a little bit different.

Getting any amount of writing done with Otto around is going to be a challenge. It starts out with, “Look at my pumpkin ball.” Then I get out of bed. “Throw my pumpkin ball, squeak my plush moose toy, check out my kong, I have a piece of fluff in my mouth Smack smack smack, you'd better get it before I swallow it. I want out, I want in, oh wait… out again.” Recycle and repeat as necessary.

I bought myself a few minutes by filling his kong with peanut butter. That wasn't distracting at all, “Slurp, smack, slurp…” It was kind of funny, so I posted a tiny video on the Entertaining Stories Facebook page.

I managed to get to the writing cabin later than I liked. Lisa, my robotic assistant, was dressed like an old Olivia Newton John video.

“Are you working out today?” I asked.

“Lorelei is coming over. She wants to exercise, so I looked up what to wear and ordered this outfit. What do you think?”

“Yeah, very cute.”


I moved into my office and turned on my iPad. All I really needed was some solitude. Lorelei, my Muse, stormed in wearing some kind of hideous mumu thing. I may have winced a little bit.

“Where is she?” Lorelei asked.

“I don't know, maybe in the front or the kitchen.”

She turned to go, but looked back. “Don't even look at it. I'll be back to Greek Goddess form in no time. Give me a month or so.”

I admit to not writing much over the past few months. Lorelei let herself go in that time. Between a cranky Muse and a robot who's contemplating the afterlife, it's been a little strange around here. It seems like I'm going to have to force my way through this first bout of writing.

I opened up The Yak Guy Project, and re-re-read my last chapter. I wound up correcting some of the language. There is a character that sounds too much like another character, and I'm trying to adjust him a bit.

The next chapter is a transition chapter, and some traveling is involved. I hate those kind because they slog along. It isn't like the characters can pop in and out of interesting situations, and some of these are necessary. I added some scenery and intrigue to my world building and charged forward.

The girls came downstairs, this time Lorelei was in a bodysuit over a leotard. Quite frankly, it looked like it was a little bit stressed. “We decided to go jogging,” Lisa said.

Thank the Gods, I thought.

“You're welcome,” Lorelei said.

They were laughing as they headed away from the cabin. I opened the window for the raven of Doubt. “You too. Get out of here, and lay off Lisa. She doesn't need your mumbo jumbo any more than I do.” To my surprise, he flew off.

Yak Guy Ted got involved with a minor skirmish and saw what happens in war. He even went on a stressful mission of his own that seems to have helped the situation for his people. Remember, he's a spoiled city kid who's been plunked in another world, so this is a big step for him. He just needed the right inspiration. (Spoiler: It's a girl.)

I reached the end of that chapter, and added a first line to the next one. This is the point where I usually force something if I'm really feeling it. I admit to being a little out of writing shape myself. Still, 3100 words of new material isn't a bad day.

I decided to turn to baseball. More specifically, my short stories that I'm calling The Enhanced League. I left a couple of spies in a stadium in Japan that needed to move their story ahead. This one has a little to do with world building, and will have a bit of tension in it too. By the time the girls returned, I added 1500 words to that.

That was about my limit today. As I'm typing this out, I'm alternating words with throwing the ball for Otto. I won't complain about it, because I forged ahead with new fiction. In fact, this post is slightly over 700 words itself.

  • 3100+
  • 1500+
  • 700=

Pretty nice, or at least nothing to sneeze at.


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40 responses to “That was a little bit different.

  1. N. N. Light

    Gee, here I thought my muse was the only one who gained some weight. I’m whipping her into shape, though. Maybe she’s be more responsive if I gave her a name. You do live in a strange universe over there… still trying to picture you writing while Otto is slurping peanut butter. O-o

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  2. I should probably figure out where my muse is hiding. I’ve been cranking out chapter sections, so I assume he/she/it is around here somewhere. Probably should have given a warning that we finally had a week with no distractions.

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  3. Your writing is Great! I enjoy reading about your robot girl, Lisa. (assume you do your own art to?!) (art helps create a good, solid image for peope, but then you know that.)

    Would you consider leaving me a LIKE and/or Follow me; or, notify someone you may know who might enjoy my compositions?

    Most Respectfully,

    Jennifer K. Lewis

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    • I commission all Lisa Burton artwork from a fellow named Sean Harrington. It costs me a bit, but has been well worth it. I only wish I could draw like that. I already have ideas for the forthcoming books and will contact him once I have complete drafts. Off to check out your site now.


  4. I did some original work myself today. I have a new story featuring Ned Traines the police chief. It was so nice to get away from editing and on to the new stuff.

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  5. 1500 is definitely noteworthy accomplishment 🙂
    I enjoy the Otto videos. I enjoyed his lip-smacking amusement. I should give Sadie her Kong more often. I often use the big cage one for her vittles, but I don’t treat her as much as I used to, so I appreciate your accidental reminder. 🙂

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  6. You do make being a writer sound such fun, Craig. Productive too…
    I like being alone when I write, bad enough when I get interupted…

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  7. Love the Turkey up there. Those ladies are good at passing through to spur your juices and then make themselves absent so they don’t pester you while you’re writing.

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  8. ALL writing counts! Even tweets… Well, that’s what I tell myself when no one’s listening! 😀 Good that you got some ball action with young Otto! 😉

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    • He’s giving me a break today (somewhat). I managed about 750 on yak guy, but I need to work some things out for the next section. Maybe I’ll go back to the short stories. I agree that all writing counts.


  9. Ha ha. Hard at work. Wow. I call that a super productive day. 😛

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  10. I love hearing about the dog and the pumpkin ball. Reminds me of when my doglings were little and got excited about everything. These days, they’re lazy lumps, only excited on occasion.

    One of them was sick last night. I lost a lot of time (and sleep and energy) dealing with that.

    Needless to say, you’ve been far more productive than I have. And I’ll be losing a lot of time this week for holiday prep. Sigh. Glad you’ve gotten back to Yak Man, though.

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    • Otto was a little more forgiving today. For some reason, all I could manage was loose ends. It’s almost like the Muse is stiff and sore after the exercise. I probably shouldn’t write another cabin post right away, but it’s a good angle on my word metrics.


  11. Ali Isaac

    Wow! Good going, Craig! These’ll be published before you know it… looking forward to the Yak Guy! But is that really your book title???

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  12. I’d say you had a highly productive day and still managed to be entertaining for Otto 🙂 I put my nose to grindstone and churned out more than I’ve ever managed in a single day, but I’m still shy of writing “the end” on the old WIP. I’m hoping I can accomplish that tomorrow.

    No pumpkin balls or plush moose toys to distract me, but w did have an unexpected windstorm and a kitten who is discovering swirling leaves outside the window for the first time.

    It sounds like Lisa is great motivation for Lorelei. I love your stories that involve the writing cabin!

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  13. Loved the FB video of Otto. So cute.

    This cracked me up: “Between a cranky Muse and a robot who’s contemplating the afterlife, it’s been a little strange around here.” So funny!!!

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  14. Not bad at all, Craig! Lorelei sounds as though she’s definitely getting back to her old self again. And I’m with Ali – I quite like The Yak Guy as a title. It’s how I’ve come to know that particular work, anyway 🙂

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