Heading home, eventually

I woke up at 4:00 AM, Pacific Time today. I'm about tired of uncomfortable beds, restaurant food, conference room chairs, and all the rest. Checkout time is 11:00, my shuttle for the airport leaves at 1:00, and my plane doesn't fly out of Spokane until nearly 4:00.

It was kind of funny, yesterday. I hung around in the gathering area, and Idaho State University had something going on in one of the conference rooms. Their keynote speaker had a book signing after they broke up. This is one of those self-help/leadership type books. It looked like she moved about 20 – 25 copies. Maybe I should become a leadership guru.

I can hang around the lodge, and get some things accomplished though. After posting this, I'll probably schedule a couple of posts during the week. I'll also set up whatever kind of Amazon promo I'm doing for next week. (Watch this space.)

Panama did very well, but my experience is the first free day is the big one. It was exactly the same this time. I managed to get into the top twenty, and stayed there for a long time. The free days are over, so I'm back on the paid list. I used a Facebook boost to promote Panama, and it seems to have worked well. Yes, I paid to promote a free book. This time out, the goal wasn't actual sales, it was an attempt to land some fans. Fans come back and try other titles. Note: I have other titles.

I want to run an Amazon Giveaway again, and I want to run a 99ยข sale. Fortunately, I have enough paranormal titles to make this work during October for the lead-up to Halloween. Maybe we need a science fiction holiday somewhere. I don't think May 4th is quite there yet.

I've reached the odd point where Lisa doesn't have a guest for her radio show again this week. There are questionnaires out in various stages, and a couple of folks are waiting to get closer to release dates. I'll probably work on one of them this morning too. I don't like to hold off until the last minute. This only makes sense; since the intent is to promote the book it should post close to the release date. However; if you would like to get on Lisa Burton Radio, I have the opportunity to get you started.

It's time to get down to some serious work.


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23 responses to “Heading home, eventually

  1. If you don’t have a Lisa interview, what about a Behind-the-Scenes type of thing? Kind of like her talking about how everything goes together or maybe she won an award for her show. Just something that keeps the series going. Kind of like a filler episode of a TV show that focuses on character development or a bit of silliness.

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  2. I guess you should know that Sarah Barsonne called me the other day and wondered if there was a chance for an interview. I said I would check. Happy travels, Craig.

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  3. Have a safe time home. You must be dyin’ to see Otto.

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  4. Sounds like you safe trip home so I’ll say “welcome back.”
    My experience with free books is the first day is always the best too. Sounds like you picked up a lot of good exposure for Panama, and hopefully a bunch of new fans along the way.
    Book tour starts on Monday. Lots of good things happening ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Wish I had myself prepared for the show now. If I did not have another big deadline looming, it would be done already. I’ve been slamming to get through this pile for Maryglenn…and I’m over half way finished…there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have great art from Sean. I’m sure we can work with it. I hate that the Lisa Burton episode of her shopping trip to FL might not be in the forefront of people’s minds when we finally get there, but we’ll figure something out. You’re good like that.

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  6. You’re in Spokane? We should get coffee.

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  7. Hey, I’m collecting contacts for attending pros at SpoCon Science Fiction convention here in Spokane, in August 2017. If you’re nterested, I’ll add you to my invites.

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