Lisa Burton Radio

This is a unique opportunity for authors to present something that can really sell a story; characters. We can write a great blurb, push our social media, and make blog tours, but it’s all somewhat the same.

This is your chance to let the characters sell the story. My character, Lisa Burton, has a spot called Lisa Burton Radio. Lisa is a robot, built as a concept for a line that never got produced. She has a bombshell presence, but is very understanding and sympathetic of others.

I’ve used Lisa to promote my own works as a kind of logo. She has quite a few fans, and this is a great use of her presence.

She interviews your character, and you get the chance to promote the story based upon the strength of the character and his/her/its journey. (Don’t worry, this isn’t a real broadcast and you don’t have to be on the actual radio.)

The initial episodes have been very popular. There has been a lot of sharing from other bloggers too. To get an idea of how they look, you can check out the link in my sidebar. Or just click here.

If you’d like to try this kind of promotion, here is what to expect. Send me an email, so we can collaborate behind the scenes. I’ll send you a questionnaire to give me some ideas about our post. Then I’ll work up a shtick to get us started. You can fill out your sections, modify things to suit you, and send it back. I’ll work up a final and send it back for your approval. Of course you get to provide all of your links and such.

I would include the questionnaire here, but expect it to change over time as I improve my game.

Once we’re both happy, we’ll schedule a date and make it happen. The most successful ones seem to have a lot of social media sharing, so feel free to share it in your universe multiple times, I will too.

If you’re familiar with Lisa and the writing cabin posts, you understand that almost anything can happen. Lisa can interview characters from other worlds, deep space, pretty much anything. Let’s have some fun and let your characters out of the house for a day.

Ideally, I’d like to post these about twice per month, usually on Thursdays. This means that a waiting period might have to happen eventually. I want to limit these posts to books that have published, or are pending. Wait until you’re that close to get the most bang for your buck.

I’m enjoying collaborating with other authors on these, and hope to make a lot of friends along the way.

If you’re game for something unique, drop me a line at Coldhand (dot) Boyack (at) gmail (dot) com. I’m sure you know how to modify this into a real email address.

Let’s have some fun. Send me your protagonists, your antagonists, your colorful supporting characters. Ghosts, higher level undead, talking animals, aliens, superheroes, and fantasy characters are all welcome here.

24 responses to “Lisa Burton Radio

  1. Hi there! I’m Sabrina Pandora, creator of Giant Girl Adventures and I would love to have my hard-luck heroine interviewed by Lisa Burton! Sorry if this isn’t the right way to contact you, but hey, par for the course for me! I look forward to hearing from you!

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  2. Bookmarking this. I’ll contact you when I know my release date. I’m excited already!! 😀

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  3. I’m glad you have a questionnaire! I’ve been wondering if my characters would be interesting enough. That is–Could I make them interesting enough? And I’m not sure who would be most interesting: Jake the mule in Detour Trail or Lorrie, the heroine; or maybe the Chessies (catlike aliens) in Sugar Time or Ferenc, the alien in Hidebound…

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  4. Wow! This sounds amazing. i read through the example post above and I’d really like to do this for the character in my upcoming novel, Heartstone. It doesn’t come out until April 18th though. Would it be okay to request the questionnaire, see if we can work something out, and then just hold off on the post until after that date?

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  5. Jeff

    Hi, Lisa – I just stumbled onto your blog via Princess of the Light, and I LOVE it! In fact, the main characters in my fast-paced, Aventures in La-La Land comedy crime & murder series have been bugging me lately, to get them an interview. Not me — THEM! So, is there room in your universe for L.A.’s tatted-up, wise-cracking, Harley riding repo man & bounty hunter to the stars? Here’s a link to my Amazon author page, to give you a better idea about the 4 books in the series:

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  6. Cool idea. When I get my debut novel done I’ll get Grace to do a post (word of warning, she’s a ball-busting cowboy, quick to anger and cusses like a long-rider)!

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  7. I know a couple of characters I who would love to meet Lisa Craig. I’ll drop you a line and see if she would like to meet them

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  8. Hi. I have a friend named Darla who leads an interesting life. One of her adventures has been published as a short story and she even made the cover. She has another short story coming that will be published in a few months, and I have a third story written and intend to do a few more. I’ll email you.

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  9. Oh this is a fabulous idea and opportunity. My only dilemma who would I choose? Perhaps the antagonist?

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  10. Sounds brilliant. Have sent through an e-mail. 🙂

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  11. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up!
    I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back in the future.
    All the best

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