Enter the Macabre Sanctuary

I was invited to participate in an anthology called Macabre Sanctuary. To my astonishment, my submission was accepted.

There are some heavy hitters in this group, and you get ten short stories for the price of free.

This one is climbing up the ranks, and hit #9 recently. The timing couldn't be better with Halloween right around the corner.

For my part, I explored the thought of being forgotten. When we die, we're only a generation away from complete anonymity. Most of us won't leave behind a record of most strikeouts, a motion picture legacy, or a leadership role that changed the world somehow. We're just honest, hardworking folks who hope our children turned out well.

Here is the blurb and the download link:

Macabre Sanctuary

Thrills. Chills. Shadows and superstitions. Things that go bump in the night. Macabre Sanctuary boasts suspenseful fiction designed to elicit goosebumps and raise heartrates.

Learn the lore of a haunted island.

Grapple with the undead while robbing graves Halloween night.

Endure a hazing ritual unlike any other.

Deal with a demon at an All Souls' Day celebration.

See what happens when you court death in the wild.

Battle zombies and cannibals in a quest to stay alive.

Travel back in time to witness the birth of true evil.

Fear prophetic nightmares made manifest.

Come to terms with new ethereal realities.

Befriend a feline to extend earthly life.

This collection from ten talented authors offers ghosts and demons, spirits and zombies, cannibals and killers… even a ferocious animal. Historical and contemporary tales of violence and fright keep readers on the edges of their seats. There’s something for everyone who loves spine-tingling, bone-chilling, blood-curdling stories.


Honestly, how can you pass this up when it's free? The download link is Macabre Sanctuary.



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29 responses to “Enter the Macabre Sanctuary

  1. Congratulations! This is lovely news for you for the weekend🤓☕️

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  2. Reblogged this on Legends of Windemere and commented:
    Check out this collection of spooky stories. Just in time for Halloween.

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  3. Woot! Congrats! I am being published in an anthology in about 2.5 weeks too. I’m gearing up to blog all about it.

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  4. PHS

    Congrats on being included!

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  5. Congrats, Craig! Off to get my copy.

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  6. The thing I love best about this anthology is that everyone came to it with a different take on the “suspense” theme. No two stories are alike. Most don’t even have the same type of villain in them. And who would believe it, but there isn’t a single vampire in the mix!

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  7. I wish I liked this genre because you did a bang up job selling this book! Congrats on having a piece included!

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  8. I have mine and know I will enjoy it.

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  9. carmens007

    I couldn’t resist the temptation and downloaded it already. Thank you!

    When it comes to books I’m a real hamster; unlike the hamster that is is food hoarding, I am book hoarding. The more, the better, And never enough!

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  10. Great post, Craig. I positively loved your story in this anthology. That short remains one of my favorites, and I know many others will find it as mesmerizing as I did. I was happy to be part of it and hope many readers will enjoy the offerings!

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