The Experimental Notebook of C.S. Boyack II #shortstories #pulpfiction

While I’m over at Traci Kenworth’s blog today, Lisa Burton is visiting with Charles Yallowitz. They’re discussing the pulp era of fiction. She’s also handing out posters, so get over there. Charles is another super supportive blogger and author. If you’re not following his blog already, what are you waiting for?

Legends of Windemere

(Today, I have a special guest who is promoting a new collection of short stories that are well worth the read.  Lisa Burton the Robot Girl is here to talk about pulp fiction, so let’s hand the blog over to get the party going. Give a friendly welcome to Lisa.)

Hi again, Charles. Thanks for inviting me back to talk about Craig’s newest book. It’s called The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack II. It’s being released because the first one did so well.

You read the first one, and were a beta reader on this book, so you know what they’re like. For your readers, they cover a broad slice of the speculative arena. This time they cover more science fiction and paranormal, but there is one that might pass for fantasy.

Let’s deal with the book here. This Notebook is a collection of short stories and micro-fiction…

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4 responses to “The Experimental Notebook of C.S. Boyack II #shortstories #pulpfiction

  1. Good to see your book getting so much press!

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  2. Just caught up on your last two stops and left comments at both blogs (you know me and weekends!)

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