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Welcome to today’s edition of Lisa Burton Radio. I’m your host, Lisa Burton, the robot girl. We have a very special guest with us today, Talla the goblin girl.

Today’s show is sponsored by The Goblin Trilogy, by Jaq D. Hawkins. Our Guest, Talla, appears in these stories. Welcome to the show Talla.

“Um, hello.”

“This story takes place after a geological polar shift. This leaves kind of a mess. What can you tell us about it? Listeners want to know what’s lost, and what’s left.”

“What you call a polar shift, we call the Turning, because the planet turns over. Land masses change and high winds destroy much of what is on the surface. The place above the caverns where I live was a great city of humans, now the buildings they made are all damaged, some reduced to rubble. It is a cleansing process, because the technology the humans used to pollute the Earth is mostly gone. They have become as they once were, using old methods for making what they need as their ancestors did when all humans lived in small villages.”

“My bio says that you are considered a Betweener. Can you tell our listeners what that means?”

“The Betweeners live between the levels… closer to the surface than the Old Ones, but still below the human world. Many of our caverns were once human tunnels, for underground transportation, or old mines. We use whatever we find, like all of our kind.”

“Why would your whole civilization choose to live in obscurity from the rest of the world. I know first hand about human prejudice, but it’s much better than it used to be. Some people would think you are pretty cool and would welcome you with open arms.”

“Most goblins look unlike humans. I look close to human, like elves from your fantasy stories, but your people have always killed goblins because they look like what you call demons. Their faces have ridges to protect their eyes from falling rocks in the deep caverns. Green skin upsets humans, even mine, though it is very light.

“Also it is hard for goblins to live close to humans. Your… way of life and the things your people find important do not make sense to us. You judge others of your own kind by what clothing they wear, what they do with their lives, who they love… we make no judgements, but live our own lives, enjoying what the Earth gives us.”

“So you like to watch humans, and can even magically fool human males. What are you trying to accomplish?”

“Must something always be accomplished? It gives me pleasure to look at pretty human men. That is reason enough. I make myself appear human because human men will treat me as one of their own kind. It is protection, like the dress I wear. The skins that goblins wear in the caverns would not look natural to humans.”

“Oh my God, I love dresses. I have so many with polka dots, cherry prints, and more. Then there are the skirts. Do you have any skirts?”

“We have many human items. We collect them, for when there is need.”

“I have a couple of old pencil skirts I could send you. I’ll bet you’d look really cool in them.”

“A gift then. I can bring you goblin skirts in return. The fur is soft, very warm in winter.”

“I’d like that. Maybe my author will let me do a cave-girl poster or something. Now back to the bio.

“I may be a robot, but I know what it means when a girl likes to look at boys. It says here that humans and goblins are related. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong by looking at the human boys. It also says the goblin bloodlines are severely interbred after living in close proximity for so long.

“We want to know what your plan is?”

“When your people lived in villages, they, too, became interbred. We traded infants with some of them, to strengthen both bloodlines… the changelings. But the human women tortured our young until we brought their own back. Then some of our females who could take on the appearance of human women came to human men in the night. We conceived, and thus strengthened our line, though the humans refuse all gifts. When some were discovered because their women see through the glamour, they called us evil spirits.. succubi… and the practice stopped. Sometimes I think we should try again. After all, no one is harmed and the men believe only that they had a nice dream.”

“There you have it fans. Can Talla insure the future for her people? Will Goblins return to the surface world? Does she have her eye on a specific human male? You’ll have to read The Goblin Trilogy to find out. I’ll include all the pertinent links on the website.

“For Lisa Burton Radio, I’m Lisa Burton.”


Check out The Goblin Trilogy by Jaq D. Hawkins.











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  1. Ali Isaac

    Nice one, guys, very entertaining! Book sounds interesting, too. 😊

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  2. Very interesting world. You don’t see goblins as heroes very often. I an curious about one thing. Can goblin men take human form or is that a power only held by women?

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  3. Very cool premise for a series. And is so talented in how she puts all of her varied guests at ease! 🙂

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  4. Good one Craig and Lisa. Series looks interesting. I have to say before this interview I thought all goblins were the same. I see I was wrong.

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  5. Jaq

    Thanks to everyone who commented or shared Talla’s interview. My apologies for coming late, she went crawling down the wall again while I was taking care of some film business. Anyone who wants to taste the goblin world, the first book will be on sale for .99 tomorrow through next weekend!