Just checking in

I know when all the remaining blog tour posts are supposed to go up, except for one. I've been watching to make sure I don't miss it. I want to support my supporters, and share these everywhere.

Tonight, I had this snarky thing planned, but didn't get all the research finished. I'll have to be snarky another night.

I actually sold a book on Facebook today. It's a milestone for me. I'm relatively new to Facebook, but this author asked if anyone had ever published a book of short stories. I raised my hand, and he bought a copy of Experimental Notebook.

He's known for comics and graphic novels. I'd love to do one of those someday, but I haven't got a clue how to get into that. Maybe he'll become a good contact.

Advance sales of The Playground are pretty light. I'm hoping that will change over the weekend, but the book will come out regardless. I need to figure out some cool graphics for posting on Twitter.

Tonight I assembled a final draft of a Lisa Burton Radio post and sent it to the author. Then I wrote a first draft of an even further down the trail post. It's nice having them scheduled that far out. It makes things more leisurely for those of us who work 40 hours per week.

Last week's show was the most popular post every day since it posted. I'm excited about it, because my long term stats show nearly everyone who comes here reads three or more posts while they're here. Sean Harrington drove a lot of the viewers here, but so did the folks who reblogged. Last time I checked the Spying With Lana post had 525 views and counting.

I'll honestly admit, the average interview won't get that many views, but this bit on my blog is growing, and I couldn't be happier. A new episode goes up sometime before I get out of bed tomorrow.

I'm off Friday, and I may even get back to the Yak Guy Project. I also need new wallpaper, then I have to go through my critique assignments, and keep up with blog tour comments. I'm trying not to get too ambitious with Yak Guy. I also have a short story in the works that might be a good backup plan.

Hope everyone is having a good week. See you out on the internet somewhere. Don't forget I have Facebook sites now. You can catch me there occasionally now too:

Entertaining Stories on Facebook: https://facebook.com/ColdhandBoyack

Lisa's Facebook page: https://facebook.com/lisa.burton.7121



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25 responses to “Just checking in

  1. You’re really keeping busy. I trahsed my post from today. My attitude about RC&R seemed to negative. I’m frustrated with the whole traditional publishing thing. I’m working all day searching online agent directories and personalizing query letters. I’ve got scammers slamming my email inbox with offers to get me an agent for money. (We’re talking thousands.) Seems like a lot of collusion in the industry. How the heck do these people get your email? Are they somehow connected to the sites you visit?

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  2. Ali Isaac

    Craig, you just don’t stop, do you???

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  3. You are one busy person, Craig! I’m just putting your post together now, and will run it either later tonight or tomorrow, so if you have a preference let me know πŸ™‚

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  4. Congrats on the FB sale. I’ve practically given up on the thing since it was a lot of work for no payoff. That graphic novel idea has crossed my mind a few times. Even talked to some friends who make them. Think it comes down to an author and an artist working together. Equal partnership type of thing. At least that’s the first step.

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    • That’s about what I thought too. Someday when I don’t have a million other projects I might look into it.


      • I think part of the FB problem is how the walls work now. It’s most popular and interactive instead of whoever posted most recently. I’ve noticed on my own wall that people rarely saw what I was posting because I had too many periods of silence.

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      • I’m so new it isn’t even called a wall any more. I notice one or two people are all that ever see my stuff. I shared something of yours the other day, and nothing happened. You got some press somewhere about Bedlam. It’s odd to me that all my friends don’t get to see it.


      • Most of my wall is the same grouping of people with pictures of kids, political stuff, and memes. I’ve done the occasional post to see if people are paying attention and get very little. Once they made the change, the promotional stuff just died unless I paid money. Never attempted it though. Wondering where the Bedlam press came from.

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      • Click Lisa’s link on my post. It’s about the third one down. Might be worth sharing around.


      • Got it. I did see that one. Thought it was the Lloyd interview getting back into my feed.

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  5. I’m late on checking in. Congrats on the FB sale of Notebook. And I still say if you ever do venture into graphic novel territory, Lisa would be a huge hit.

    I finally hit the “send” button on my ms and made the 3/31 deadline. I am kicking back and doing absolutely NOTHING tonight in celebration.

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    • I agree that Wild Concept would make a great graphic novel. I’m sure it would cost more than I have available right now. Someday maybe. It’s wonderful that you made your deadline, and you deserve to do nothing tonight. Outstanding. I can’t wait to post my review on Amazon.

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  6. I have always believed Lisa has legs…er you know what i mean.

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