Boy, Oh, Boyack!

Honored to have Victo Dolore weigh in as an advance reader of my new book. If any of you are not following her, you’re really missing out. She has two of the most interesting blogs out there.

Behind the White Coat

Blogging has not made me rich and famous, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. What I have gained is a great group of virtual friends. I don’t care if any of them are really real or not because they make me happy, though I suspect that some are probably figments of someone else’s imagination…

Which brings me to one of those friends,C. S. Boyack. He has a fantastic beard. See?


The facial hair alone should be enough to recommend the man. But there is more! He also likes beer, particularly pumpkin beer. He bakes sourdough bread from a bubling semisentient blob named Tituba. He camps and forages. He has a penchant for large breasted robots named Lisa, or rather they have a penchant for him…

He alsowrites.

Mr. Boyack was kind enough a few weeks ago to allow me read his latest…

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3 responses to “Boy, Oh, Boyack!

  1. Figment of your imagination. Hahaha! Craig, I love your new book display. Very cool. Very new-wave. It leaps off the page. Perfect.

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