I just can’t turn it off…

Our neighbor in the campground just left. He is a man of apparently Asian descent. Nevada license plates. There was no one with him. He parked his camper, unhitched, and attached water and power. That's it. He never even dropped his support jacks. This doesn't matter, because he was rarely here.

He left for almost a whole day at a time. When he returned he ran inside his camper, and completely disappeared. That's it.

Today, he returned for one ziplock Baggie. That's all he did before leaving again. When he returned, he came out to the water supply and meticulously washed what appeared to be two static dryer sheets. He ran inside and stayed put.

He just came out, hitched up, and left. So we have a single guy, with no friends, out camping alone and doing suspect things. No music, no fishing gear, no cooking outside, No beer, nothing.

The author in me is off to the races. I told my wife he's in there dissolving a body to flush into the septic system when he leaves. Either that or his trailer is a mobile meth lab.

I know I'm camping, but I love blogging, and there is a pitiful WiFi signal. I observe and get ideas. I'm sure a visit with the Muse is coming soon.

Speculate with me people. What is this guy up to?



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37 responses to “I just can’t turn it off…

  1. Pahaha! Biggest red flag of all? No beer. Seriously? Who camps with no beer???No wonder the writer in you is speculating… sounds like a weirdo with an obsession for dryer sheets. Or a mobile meth lab. (I hope he’s not camping DIRECTLY next to you?) Might be a good idea to watch your open flames near his camper…

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  2. Oooooo! I love this! I make up stories about people I see all the time.
    Why would anyone wash dryer sheets? Is that a meth lab thing? (I haven’t watched “Breaking Bad.”) Or is he a guy with a very weird compulsion? Extreme OCD–even his dryer sheets have to be clean?
    Maybe he’s on the run–or doing surveillance when he’s gone all day.
    He could be an alien who doesn’t eat or drink, except very clean dryer sheets. 🙂

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  3. Hmm…I just think he’s enjoying the great outdoors and views his “facilities” as on a need only basis. You’re a much better writer than I am, obviously. lol

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  4. He is a prospector. He found a vein of gold and is mining it bit by bit. It is not his property, however, so he is doing it on the sly. Being just one man, the take isn’t huge but it is enough for him to get by. Hence the plastic baggie… To hold the nuggets he dug up.

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  5. His wife threw him out. He works all day and comes home to do laundry and sleep. He reuses dryer sheets because he’s poor and pays his child support. His job makes him travel. Probably not as exciting as you can imagine, Craig. 😉

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  6. Inventing a jelly sandwich that doesn’t make a mess no matter how much jelly you put in there?

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  7. I think he is an alien who has found out clean dryer sheets are a new food source for his starving planet.

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  8. I like the meth lab idea, but I think you’d be getting strong chemical smells. (Ether?)

    My guess would be aquatic entomologist. The “dryer sheets” might the capture part of a setup used to catch larvae washed in by stream flow.

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  9. Normally I’d be right there with you on the body angle. But the dryer sheet angle is odd. I’m leaning more toward mobile meth lab. I read somewhere that they use dryer sheets for filters of some sort.

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  10. He’s a scientist (mad or otherwise) who lost his funding and this is how he carries on his experiments.

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  11. Ooooh people watching! How I love it! He was defo acting suspiciously. But they weren’t dryer sheets, they were handkerchiefs. And he was keeping himself to himself because he has a seriously bad cold, and didn’t want to pass it on. Why! Because he’s a mad scientist working in a secret lab in the wilderness, developing a… a… Terrifying new strain of the flu which could wipe out mankind, a new bacterial weapon which he’s willing to sell to the highest bidder. And he tested it on animals, but he needed some human victims… I mean Guinea pigs. And then you showed up, but before he could kidnap you, he got infected himself, so he needed to leave quick and find himself a doctor…

    Watch out for you or Old Whatserface developing any sudden flu-like symptoms…

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  12. He’s a private detective, paid to keep surveillance on a man who’s cheating on his wife. Only he found out the woman the suspect is cheating with is his own wife! The ziploc bag is to hold a weapon and preserve the fingerprints after he kills them both, so it will look like a murder-suicide. The dryer sheets were used to wipe down the other fingerprints because fabric softener dissolves fingertip oils. He finally left to establish an alibi somewhere else before he returns home and calls the police to alert them that his wife is missing.

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