Book Review | Will o’ the Wisp by CS Boyack

Another great review for Will O’ the Wisp. I love the part where Ali uses them there fancy words like “piece de resistance! ” Thank you Ali.


will of the wisp image for review

When blogger friend and author Craig Boyack put out on his blog that he was looking for ARC readers for his new book, Will o’ the Wisp, I jumped at the chance. I have read several of his books now, Panama, Arson and The Cock of the South, and enjoyed them all immensely. I was intrigued by some of the hints he had given on his blog during his writing journey, not least, how the hell was this hairy man of a certain age, who had nurtured a sourdough starter named Tituba for thirty odd years, going to get inside the head of a teenage girl?

Will o’ the Wisp is a paranormal YA novel set in mid seventies rural America and centres on a fifteen year old girl, Patty, and her slightly eccentric and dysfunctional family. I immediately sided with Patty; not only is she strong…

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  1. Ali always leaves such thorough and well-written reviews! That alone is a talent in itself. 🙂


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