I was looking for something to blog about tonight. Look what showed up. Check out some more of Rachel’s process to make my wonderful cover.

Rachel Carrera, Novelist

Last week, I blogged the cover reveal for my good friend, Craig Boyack’s new book, Will O’ the Wisp.  I shared with you how I designed the cover and how much I loved the story.   Today, I am pleased to announce that as of this past weekend, Will O’ the Wisp is finally available for sale on Amazon.

By the way, if you don’t know what a will o’ the wisp is, I’ll be happy to explain in Craig’s own words:

“It is a natural phenomenon involving a light that floats above swampy or boggy areas. It’s also seen with friction associated with tectonic plate movement. Science doesn’t exactly know, because it is extremely rare. There are many legends associated with it, and I took the legends from there.”

I also wanted to show you the difference between the original photo and what ended up being Craig’s…

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6 responses to “Changes

  1. Ali Isaac

    I already read Rachel’s post… great insight into how the cover was created! Clever lady!

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  2. She’s very talented!

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  3. Thank you for the reblog, Craig…. as well as for the cool opportunity to make the cover for the next New York Times Bestseller! 😀


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