Researching a Fantasy Story, and How Mythology Helps by Guest Author Craig Boyack

Busy day for me today. Ali asked me to write about the kinds of research that go into a fantasy novel. You have to go to her blog to read all about it. Please do.



If there are two things you have learned about me from following this blog, it’s 1. I love mythology, and 2. I love researching mythology! It seems I am not alone; fellow author and blogger, Craig Boyack, has dropped by to tell us how mythology helped pave the way for grounding one of his recent novels, Cock of the South, which I recently reviewed on this blog, and which featured on The Friday Fiction. So without further ado, here’s Craig…

Ali asked me to visit today with the topic of researching a fantasy. Many people think there is no research involved in fantasy, and that authors make it all up. This isn’t true, and we must ground our readers in some kind of reality they can relate to. This is more than having air and gravity. Readers have expectations and it’s important to consider those.

The Cock of…

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February 24, 2015 · 9:19 PM

3 responses to “Researching a Fantasy Story, and How Mythology Helps by Guest Author Craig Boyack

  1. Hi Craig! Great guest blogging. I too love mythology and do a great deal of research on it for my fantasy stories. 😀 I’m intrigued by your book too.


  2. I already loved it over there at Ali’s place, and now I love it here, too! 😀

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