I promised you guys a secret earlier today

Deborah Fredericks couldn’t make my picture work for some reason. This relates to The Cock of the South, and my post about the cockatrice in the story. I really appreciate Deby hosting me today, but I promised it in the one I hosted for her.

When I wrote The Cock of the South, I got pretty excited about the story. I had a great outline to work from, and the words just flew off my fingers. I was about ten chapters in when a new inspiration struck.

This cockatrice occupies my shoulder. He helped me get the words on paper, and is with me all the time now.

Gallicus the Cockatrice

Gallicus the Cockatrice

Maybe I should do this for all my novels. I can see an upside down pentagram badge, a pinup robot, and a flaming building being pretty cool.

Book sales still haven’t paid for him, so if you’d like to contribute… the cover in the sidebar is linked to Amazon.

What crazy writer things have you done? Come on, spill it.



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12 responses to “I promised you guys a secret earlier today

  1. Do it…come on, you know you want to. Tattooed Boyack πŸ™‚


  2. That is beautiful in a mythological sort of way!


  3. That is an awesome tattoo. Not sure I have any crazy author stuff that compares. Probably all I have is screaming at people for using my notebooks as scrap paper.


  4. I love the tattoo idea. I’m thinking about adding one myself– my debut book cover. Where, I haven’t decided yet.


  5. You did that for your book? Wow, that’s so cool! Most people do it for their lover, or mother lol! I had a rebellious year when I turned 30, and had a naked fairy tattooed on my shoulder, much the same size as your cockatrice. I remember once a bunch of big hairy bikers coming over to ask if they could look at it! I will have to post a pic of it. I fear her colours have somewhat faded over the years… omg almost 20 years where does the time go???


  6. As I’ve told you before…. that’s so cool! πŸ˜€


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