FF: Neighbors! #51

With a houseful of company, I must have missed this yesterday. The crew is getting ready for Vegas.

In a small compass...

Tony and Steve left the room, Tony for some more research, Steve to meet Corinne.

“Thank you for this excellent research work, Lisa. Seems like we are on our way to unravel an incredibly weird mystery. They are in Vegas and – I’m pretty sure that you can lure them out of hiding.”

Lisa’s confident reply didn’t astonish me in the least: “Of course! Let me do some shopping now, we’ll get them tomorrow.” Lisa winked conspiratorially and I suppressed a smile.

When I left the station two minutes later, Lisa’s bike was already gone. I went to Mason’s for a bite and a beer. Trudy smiled and sent me to my usual table. I absentmindedly ate and drank, left some bills on the table and headed home.

Meanwhile in Greenburg, in the nearest mall, Lisa indulged in buying new clothes and accessories. She considered all she knew about fake…

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2 responses to “FF: Neighbors! #51

  1. LOL! I think Lisa actually went to Bed, Bath and Beyond! She must have learned that from Mrs. What’s Her Name. 🙂


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