FF: Neighbors! #52

Here’s today’s episode. Sounds like Lisa is looking fabulous, and Jim is onto something.

In a small compass...

We gathered in the meeting room, yawning. Lisa stepped in, a vivacious and stunning sight. Imagine Marilyn Monroe in tight leather jeans, showing cleavage, seductive lips and eyes.

I cleared my throat. “Let’s cover the bone marrow topic.” I signaled Tony to connect. We found a match within minutes: Lester Davies, born and living in – Graynor. The ‘relative to contact…’ column stated Lavinia Davies, sister.

“Look what I found, guys!” Lisa activated a holo presentation.

The Davies siblings had tried to set up a show in Vegas: ‘The Traveler His Monk & His Muse’

“They weren’t different enough, their lack of fame didn’t help them either. To get famous, they went to Funderburk & Hardin, distributed flyers about ‘O-Y’, set fire to a closed factory, etc.”

“Let’s get going, folks!” I grabbed my gear.

“Jim, you guys take the car, I’ll follow you on my bike. They know you…

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  1. *SIGH* Sounds like Lisa’s forgotten all about Bunny’s and your needs. But at least she’s having a fun adventure!


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