FF: Neighbors! #47

Neighbors is getting interesting over at In a Small Compass.

In a small compass...

Lisa went to the board we had set up the day before, adding two prints, one between O-wen’s and fake Bobbi’s columns, the other below fake Bobbi’s mug shot. Pointing to the first print, she let the bomb drop: “We need access to the bone marrow donation database. One of these two received bone marrow, presumably O-wen.”

I was electrified. “Tony, we need a warrant!”

“Consider it done, Jim.”

Lisa now addressed Steve. “Steve, did O-wen have a pet?”

Steve looked ashamed. “I sometimes imagined a Capuchin monkey running around. I wasn’t that sober most of the times.”

“Live it up, Steve. You just confirmed the mug shot’s lab result – there was human and monkey DNA as well as make-up…”

Tony returned. “They’ll keep us in the loop.”

“Excellent. And the second sheet, Lisa?”

“There are only two registered golden Mercedes cabriolets in the US. In Las Vegas, to…

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3 responses to “FF: Neighbors! #47

  1. I hope Lisa doesn’t forget where she lives! 😀 This is so cool! 🙂


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