Another weekend update

I assume everyone is tired of hearing about my fiction by now. The promotion is over, and I got my first review of The Cock of the South. How was your weekend?

I changed out my background for some Christmas aliens. I like it.

We did a bit of shopping. I needed some more Parmesan crisps from Whole Foods. I also grabbed some smoked salmon. There is a smoked salmon Ceasar salad in our future.

We stopped for lunch at Old Chicago pizza. I made a dent in my Christmas beer tour. I really enjoyed a ginger beer from Sam Adams. Then we grabbed our Christmas tree and headed home. I stayed up late and watched the last half of the Boise State game. They ought to give that Bulldog quarterback a medal, he was awesome in the second half.

Today was all about setting up our tree. We lugged it inside and put on the base. I went up in the attic and brought down all the baubles. Here is the end result:



I may have finished up my top secret project with Iris the fairy. I delivered the project, and will update all of you as soon as I’m allowed.


How many of you spent time in a musty old attic this weekend? Maybe a crawl space or a garage? You know some of you did. Was there beer and football involved? Let me hear about it.



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23 responses to “Another weekend update

  1. Beer, pizza, and football while helping a friend paint his house. Love the new background.


  2. Aliens and snow-covered Christmas trees … what’s not to love? 😀 Had a really fun weekend — went to a “Gothic Christmas” fair, which was pretty much exactly what it sounds like, lol.


  3. I love heating about your fiction just as much as I enjoy reading it! Your tree looks lovely btw!


  4. I don’t like beer and don’t follow sports at all, but my husband did have beer and watched football yesterday. He also went up to the attic to look for our younger daughter’s menorah (found it!). We also had smoked salmon this weekend–with bagels and cream cheese. It wasn’t lox from a Jewish deli, but it was OK. 🙂 We went to a surprise 50th birthday party on Saturday night, which was really fun.
    I love your alien-Christmas tree background.

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  5. Nice tree. Mine always has an angel on top, too. Ginger beer actually sounds good. I might like that one.


  6. I’m no longer able to put up a tree due to my cats always bringing it down. So when I see a beautifully decorated tree as yours, I consider it a Gift. Thank you!!! Love, Amy

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  7. I love the new background! AND I love the tree at your house! Thanks for sharing! 😀

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  8. The Mister goes out to the garage fetches the tree, plus two big plastic bins. I set up the tree and empty the bins and then he takes the boxes back to the garage. It’s a nice system 🙂


  9. A Christmas beer tour! My husband will be jealous when he learns of that! Perhaps that should be my Christmas gift to him… he loves to try different beers.


  10. We’re in India and don’t have a large tree here. Past years we really haven’t been decorating for the Christmas holidays. This year our daughter sent a lovely little permanently decorated, artificial tree about 5 inches tall which I put on top of the TV cabinet. A friend dropped by and said, “Oh, you already have your tree up and I haven’t done a thing yet.” 😀 When I told our daughter, she thought it was hilarious. 🙂


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