Always check the odds

I just watched California Chrome win the Kentucky Derby. I watch the derby every year, maybe it’s part of my love for retro things. In an age where we talk Mach speeds, it just makes me happy.

California Chrome has a cool story too. The breeder bought his dam for about $8000. In other words, he’s about a $10,000 horse. People pay millions of dollars to buy a derby horse. I think this story is awesome. It has an almost Disney feel to it.

CC was the favorite yesterday. He was the favorite all day right up to post time. There is no guarantee the odds on favorite will win, and many times they don’t. It always pays to give the favorite a look though; that’s why it’s the favorite. I’ll probably skip the mint julep tonight. I’m a bourbon lover, but the mint isn’t my thing.

In other news; we put a microwave on our Sears card. Sometimes things happen and you have to deal with them.

I got my fruit tree branches all cut up, and the yard is making progress. I still have rose bushes that need tending, and fruit to thin. I think I’m done for today though.

I hope everyone out there had a great Saturday.


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7 responses to “Always check the odds

  1. My saturday was good. I saw family from out of town and we had a good time.


  2. Well, even though you skipped the mint julep, did you at least wear a fancy, flowered derby hat? If so, we need photos. Great post! 😀


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