A cool bit of technology

Some of you might remember that I’m a founding member at Story Empire. I have the post over there today. It’s about something I discovered that allows me to be a little more productive. Come over and check it out.

Story Empire

Hi gang, Craig with you again today. I want to talk about some new-to-me tech that you might appreciate, too. But first, I’m going to walk you in the long way, like I usually do.

Men in my family have a specific hearing problem that seems to show up as we get Bulldogolder. We can hear a pin drop as long as everything else is quiet. Add some kind of noise, and all bets are off. One of my worst is a running sink. There is also a bit of my ability to concentrate in this tale. We’ll start off by meeting Frankie.

She is the cutest bulldog ever, but she’s like several dogs wrapped up in one package. She’s the fearsome Rottweiler on the other side of the door. She’s a competitive barker when her friend wants to run the fence out back, or the squirrel steps into the…

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5 responses to “A cool bit of technology

  1. Loved seeing the dog photos. I’m glad you found something that works.

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