Got some things accomplished

Not having WiFi sucks, but now that I have a hotspot available, I decided to get busy.

I skipped out on most of my social media lap this morning, opting instead to address my work in progress.

My writing days always start by reading the last section I wrote, and this really helps when I’ve been away from it for a few days. The Lanternfish crew arrived in Giapon and got into a bind with the political upheaval in that country.

I picked it up from there, and approached this problem with more of a diplomatic approach. At 1.5 books in, they’ve blasted their way out of plenty of issues, so I felt like something else was in order.

Of course, this poses even more problems when it comes to reaching the ultimate war in Prelonia. They now have a third ship, and only Lanternfish can jump ahead and speed up the travel time. At this point, what’s one more when you have to sail the old fashioned way.

However, this new ship is full of disgraced soldiers, criminals, and even soldiers from the opposing side of their own local conflict. This is not going to be an easy group to manage.

It also poses the problem of not having enough veteran sailors. James has spread the Lanternfish crew thin by trying to man the two ships he has already. There is a small hope that some of these new people will have some sailing skills, but getting them to embrace the mission could be a deal killer.

In his mind, he’s acting as a privateer. The job is to provide war materials to his queen. They still have most of their captured gold. Add in two new ships, and possibly some soldiers, and it may be a successful voyage. Even if the soldiers serve as nothing more than cannon fodder, it could buy some time for the Prelonian forces he’s supposed to be supporting.

Oh, and I also wove in a ghostly encounter. It wasn’t much, but it turned out pretty cool. Every stop in this series has provided some kind of fantasy element, so why not Giapon. I’m still thinking about revisiting it for a bit more fun. I ought to be able to milk it just a bit more.

I didn’t do a strict word count, so I’m estimating here. I know where my last critique submission ended. I know about where I stopped writing after that. It isn’t perfect math, but it comes to around 2500 words today.

That’s a pretty good day by my standards. It’s going to need another 500 to 1000 words before I’m ready to submit the next section to my group, but it’s more than I had yesterday. Then, of course, I need to comb through it and try to fix all the stupid mistakes before I ask them to do all that work.

My “shift” ended with a short tour through blog land. I didn’t get to all of them, and many of you got a like and a tweet. I’m working without WiFi here, so I hope you’ll forgive me. I ought to be back online once the regular work week resumes.

Back to the paycheck job tomorrow. If I do manage to get WiFi back, my first priority has to be publishing Grinders. I had it earmarked for this weekend, but it wasn’t meant to be. Don’t give up on me here. Grinders is a fun cyberpunk story, and I think many of you would enjoy it.


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35 responses to “Got some things accomplished

  1. I think throwing in a ghostly encounter is always a good idea. I never get enough of them. Haha. Glad to see you’re making progress!

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  2. Reblogged this on Where Genres Collide Traci Kenworth YA Author & Book Blogger and commented:
    It’s interesting what we can get our characters into-and out of.

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  3. Sometimes not having wifi is a blessing in disguise. Sounds like you had a productive day. It’s back to the pay check job for met tomorrow as well.

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  4. I haven’t given up on you. Sometimes, life happens. Glad you got in 2500 words today. That’s a good day for me. Keep at it, and hope Grinders is out soon:)

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  5. D.L. Finn, Author

    It’s hard not to have WiFi. We had the same issues, along with no landline. I took my phone and headed out today, but luckily we finally it back. I’m looking forward to Grinders whenever you can get it out!

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  6. A great day, Craig. Well done. Wifi issues are such a nuisance. Good luck sorting it out.

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  7. Sounds like great writing progress, and don’t worry… I haven’t given up on Grinders. Whenever you can get your internet working properly so you can publish it, I’ll be ready to share your announcement with the world – or the handful of people who pay attention to what I post anyhow – and grab my copy. 🙂

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  8. I’m always up for a good ghostly encounter. I can’t imagine what I’d do without wifi. Probably learn to like coffee and hang out at Starbucks. Glad you have a temporary solution.

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  9. Looking forward to Grinders. Hopefully, it will happen for you next week.
    In the meantime 2500 words on the WIP is a great way to flex the writing muscle. Even your descriptions of what happens in Lanternfish are colorful!

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  10. There is something to be said for not being connected. I do like the peace of not being chased down everywhere I go. Hope the wi-fi comes back.

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  11. Sounds like you have a lot of balls in the air with this one.

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  12. Although I hate not having WiFi, there are some benefits to it… like a productive writing day 🙂

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  13. Hope you get your wifi back soon

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  14. Damyanti Biswas

    Glad to see that the wifi situation has been resolved

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  15. It’s so frustrating when we have all our elaborate plans detailed perfectly, then we get derailed by some outside force such as the WiFi provider. I’m glad you were able to find a solution. 🙂

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