Guest author: C. S. Boyack ~ A bit of magic

Voyage of the Lanternfish has a bit of magic in it. Today, I’m over at Sue Vincent’s place to talk about some of it. Stop by, meet a great blogger, and say hello.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Thanks for having me back, Sue. I recently published my newest book, and am making the rounds telling everyone about it. I prepared all kinds of things, like excerpts, character studies, and more to do this blog tour. Then I have options depending upon who offers to host me.

For your blog, I wanted to talk about a bit of magic.

Voyage of the Lanternfish is a pirate fantasy story. In most cases, this would mean some adventure, and a sea monster or two. Sounds like a good recipe to me, but as one of my stories, I wanted a bit more.

There is magic in this world. It isn’t the main focus of the tale, so I don’t spend an inordinate amount of time explaining how it all works. It just shows up from time to time.

Mal is the main practitioner in the story, but far from the…

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14 responses to “Guest author: C. S. Boyack ~ A bit of magic

  1. Thanks for sharing a bit of magic with us today, Craig 🙂

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  2. Our site is at your disposal, Craig. I want to read your latest anyway!

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  3. Sue is a class act. Headed over to see what the buzz is about.

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  4. Congratulations Craig! So wonderful that you pounded out another book, I am looking forward to reading about pirates and magic. My very best to you for continued prolific writing and publishing success.

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  5. Heading over to Sue’s to read the rest!

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