Scouting Ahead

I like to formulate a plan for what projects I might take on during the coming weekend. This weekend, I lucked out and got four days.

One of my first priorities is going to be Lisa Burton Radio. I have two friends who sent me stuff, and I need to get those working. The interviews go back and forth a few times, and I can likely finish both of them this weekend. With a bit of luck.

I’m earmarking some time for BookBub. I signed up, but I haven’t done anything with it. I see people are finding me there, and I need to do some follow-backs, and add some book reviews too. A bit of monkeying around will give me confidence to do more with it. Also, after I get caught up, it will be easier to stay on top of it.

I’m also in need of some page long micro-fiction for my October posts. I have a list of concepts, and usually free write them, so it might not be too rough.

I have a couple of novels languishing on my Kindle app, and need to get on with reading them. I also have a couple of story-craft books I want to spend some time with.

I also have a couple of guest posts to assemble and schedule. I’ll make sure I take care of my friends before I do anything else.

Lower down on the priority list is editing. This starts with word searches for things I frequently get wrong. After those are addressed, I need to start reading it and finding the confusing passages.

There are some mundane things too. I need to replace some lightbulbs, pick up some branches, that kind of thing.

I’m hoping to make some serious progress this weekend. Some of the small things like scheduling the guest posts, I’ll actually finish. Others, like reading and editing will likely go on for weeks.

It’s an ambitious list, but I think I can make a dent in it. What do you guys have planned? Are you working on projects, or doing something more fun?


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33 responses to “Scouting Ahead

  1. Sounds like an ambitious list. Good luck. I’ve got nothing going on beyond getting the kid ready for school next week. My new book comes out next Friday though, but most of that’s been set up already. Looking like I’ll have at least 4 months of no projects unless things change. Feels weird. What are you picking up branches for?

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  2. Sometimes it’s good to have a big list so at least you can scratch off SOME of it 🙂
    I wasn’t too sick to work today and I wasn’t too sick to eat ice cream tonight, so I won’t complain 🙂

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  3. I’ve been trying to write a review or recommendation on BookBub whenever I finish reading a good book. Wish I were a faster reader:) Good luck with all of your projects over the weekend. I’ll be helping my husband paint our front porch. (It needs it).

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  4. Ambitious but doable. Can’t complain about that.

    I’ll be working. And working. And… working. Maybe throw some steaks on the grill for Labor Day and take a dip in the pool. Then… more work.

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  5. I would love to get on top of Book Bub Everytime I go there I hit a wall.

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  6. I might have another go at BookBub, but if I manage to get around to a few things on my list, I’ll be happy! I still have our monster of a hedge to finish cutting too, weather permitting! (now I have repaired the cable I chopped up last time)

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  7. All sounds great, Craig. Good luck with it all 🙂

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  8. Quite a list there. I’m sure you’ll put a nice little dent in it by the time the weekend is over though.

    I’ve got some reading I want to catch up on (I’m behind on my reading goal, plus have a couple of books I promised to read and review; at least I can kill two birds with one stone, since those books will count towards catching up on my reading goal). But I’m not making any plans beyond that, since I’m recovering from my most recent hospital trip.

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  9. You’re smart to make a to-do list. I wish I was that organized. I’m on deadline again while also looking at Post & Beams to start building our home and squeezing in book signings. It leaves little time for much else.

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  10. I plan to write a few blog posts and then have to get busy on book 3 of Hode’s Hill. The deadline is starting to loom dangerously nearer. I hope to relax on Labor Day and maybe have some pool time if the weather stays warm enough.

    To do lists are a great way of organizing and accomplishing goals. Good luck with yours and enjoy the long weekend!

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  11. Hope you have a productive long weekend, Craig.

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  12. I’ll spend the long weekend job-hunting. 😦

    I might also get around to some yardwork that needs doing.

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