Saturday, for what it’s worth

I really slept in this morning. I mean more than ever happens. Part of this is because I stayed up watching baseball last night. In fact, I have today’s game on right now.

My wife and daughter were both off today, so productivity ended when I didn’t get up early. My only goals this weekend were to schedule a future interview, and to write shticks for two more. I never got any of it done.

I appreciate Rosie’s Book Review Team for another great review of The Hat. This one seems to be doing well with its readers. In fact someone grabbed a copy from Netgalley, and I received an additional five star review.

I never accomplished much today, but I can’t complain about the good things that happened.

Old What’s Her Face wants some sourdough rolls to go with dinner tomorrow. She bought a replacement bag of flour for me, and I just finished mixing them up. They probably won’t get really sour, but they’ll still be nice rolls.

There are a few hours left to get your copy of The Enhanced League while it’s still free. I saw it get as high as 28 on the sports stories chart. I only take photos now if something gets on a top ten list.

Those who read Enhanced League, seemed to enjoy it. You don’t have to be a baseball fan to understand the human interest stories in this collection.

Next week, my workplace is sending me to a convention in NOLA. Great place to go, but work won’t allow tons of time to have fun. I may have to write some of my shticks on the airplane, but at least I’ll have that time available.

I’ll share a photo or two if I see something cool while I’m there.

PS: Grab a copy of Enhanced League.


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21 responses to “Saturday, for what it’s worth

  1. Have a fun and safe trip. Happy Easter!

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  2. Have a great time in New Orleans, Craig — and congratulations on your continued sales.

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  3. So jealous!! I LOVE New Orleans!! Enjoy what you can between all the hard work. 🙂

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  4. Enjoy your time in NOLA (I’m jealous). Even work trips can still be fun. And yes, please do take photos. I’ve never been there, so I’m counting on you for some good pics!

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  5. It is good to rest sometimes, Craig. I got my copy but my review will take a while as I have 8 books on my initial 10 to read before I move to the next 10. I have decided that this is the most orderly way I can get through my TBR although I do fall off the wagon.

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  6. I love New Orleans. Hope you get to have some fun while you’re there!

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  7. Your post got dumped by Google along with 66 others. Hope your Easter was good.

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