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Yesterday was a flight day for me. I’m at a conference in New Orleans for my paycheck job. This is one of those weeks where I’m going to miss things. If you get a like from me, that might be as good as it gets. I’m here with all of my bosses, and my time is theirs.

I kind of like airports. They make for the best people watching. Everyone has a little bit of stress, and that helps reveal character. One example is the guy in Denver who decided to jump off the people mover. You know, those George Jetson things that are like a flat escalator. He vaulted over the rail, which also moves, fell down, and scattered electronic devices everywhere.

The best one was a lady. She had thick permed hair that hung to the points of her shoulders. Either from dye or the perm, it was burnt looking at the ends. She was notable in that her posture was to hold her head out in front of everything else. Her nose would arrive in a room before the rest of her. She was a dark brunette. The whole appearance gave her the image of a fluffy vulture. She would make a great character.

I met up with all the rest of the Idahoans before dinner. We went to a place that had a fried fish menu. Honestly, I could have gotten the same thing in Boise. My crowd needs to be a bit more adventurous. I can show them some places, but I’m at their mercy.

While in the Boise airport, I started reading Hacked, by Sue Coletta. I finished it in the air on my way to Denver.

This thing is an intense thrill ride, and it’s a good stepping stone into the kind of books Sue writes. It’s novella length, so it won’t take you long to finish it, and honestly, you won’t want to put it down.

I am starting to really love the novella length. I just think as we get more and more pressed for time, it has a place in our lives. Judging from the reaction to my own novella, some of you must feel the same way.

I’m pressed for time right now, so here is a link to Sue’s book. Hacked.


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22 responses to “Airports, NOLA, Hacked

  1. I love Sue’s work. Hacked was great.

    Hope you get some “real” NOLA food while you’re there. Try to have some fun!

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  2. Loved the report. You must be the exception in Idaho. Too bad the adventure scale is so low with your travel mates. I have always loved NOLA and hope you have a good time even though you are at their mercy.

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  3. You can do some excellent people watching in airports. A constant source of entertainment.

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  4. Hope you get some adventure in. Now off to see if fluffy vultures are real.

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  5. Thanks for the shout-out, Craig. I’m so glad you enjoyed HACKED.

    A fluffy vulture-looking character, love it!!!

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  6. I understand catering to the big wigs. I have a big conference where I have to do that as well, so I feel your pain! People watching is probably my favourite pass-time! It’s amazing the ridiculous things that people do! I also like to make up stories about people I see and what I think they’re doing together, or in whatever situation. Lol!

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  7. Hacked was a great story, and as you said—at novella length it can be read quickly.

    Thanks for sharing the airport watching with us. That was fun.

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  8. Fun reading about your airport ‘watching’! Enjoy NOLA! ♥

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  9. My paycheck job has me traveling 45 weeks per year. People watching for character and story ideas is my main pastime. I wonder how many people are nervous when they see me take out my little notebook and write notes. It’s unlimited material.

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  10. I think you’re right about the novella length. Writers can get into a substantial story without over-stretching it to make a novel. Readers can finish the book in a short period of time, as well, so novellas fit into busy schedules.

    I think for similar reasons, some adults enjoy YA novels. They’re not as short as novellas but can still fit between other activities.

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