A Nice Review

Go visit Carmen, you guys. We haven’t heard much from her lately, and she is a super supportive author and blogger. She’s also a very interesting lady.

She’s posted a lovely review of The Playground, just in time to scare you away from Christmas Shopping.

The Playground

C S Boyack is a master wordsmith, and I truly can’t recommend his novel, The Playground, enough. I loved the story line and action.

The writing is tight and with shocking story turns. And whether you’re a Stephen King zealot or a John Saul fan, The Playground will leave you wanting more… Keep Reading here. 


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14 responses to “A Nice Review

  1. Visited and commented over the weekend. You’re right; she’s a wonderfully supportive author/blogger.

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  2. Awesome, Craig! Congrats! 🙂

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  3. Saw this review over the weekend. Carmen is a wonderfully supportive blogger friend. I was so glad to see her post!
    Congrats to you on another great review.

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  4. Reviews like this are what keep us writing. Congrats, Craig.

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  5. Well-deserved. Great review.

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