A change in plans

Today, I was supposed to knock out a couple of my beta reports in anticipation of finishing tomorrow. We also wanted to go to town together. We had a generic list like most weekends. The other idea was to maybe have beer and pizza tonight.

That isn't what happened. Some good, some not good.

Otto woke up in the middle of the night and sat alone in the bathroom. I discovered him when I had to pee about 3:30. This isn't like him. The girls got up when I moved around, and this means everyone has to go outside.

Otto went to the bathroom too, and I thought maybe that's what he needed. At dawn, he seemed to be pretty sore and depressed. He refused to eat or drink.

My wife decided to do her grocery shopping and we could assess how he felt when she got home.

I decided to tackle my beta edits in force. I did more than I intended, because they changed my wife's shift again, and now she's off tomorrow. I only have one left to work through, and it will take a couple of hours. This is the good part.

Our veterinarian is open seven days per week. This saves us from going to one of those emergency centers. Of course we had to take the puppies too.

Turns out Otto ate more of those pecans than we thought. One X-ray, a pancreatitis test, and an office visit later, and he has an impaction. The doctor showed us the X-ray. It's all the way at the end, and she is certain it will pass. The impaction is causing pain, because he was born with two fused vertebra and another one that is half sized. This is a result of breeding for the bulldog's curly tail.

She gave us some pain killers to give him, and said after they kick in to take him for a walk. Also to try giving him water. He refused water, but went for some chicken noodle soup. He managed a mediocre poop when we walked him.

The doctor said he's going to have pain problems when he's older and to keep an eye on him. Never one to take something at face value, I did some research of my own. It says if your bulldog reaches nine months without a problem, he probably isn't going to have one. It also said the spine deformaties are more common in screw tailed breeds and aren't usually an issue.

I, on the other hand still can't keep food inside for more than an hour. I feel fine otherwise.

The puppies were pretty popular at the vets, and they got free bandanas out of the deal.

Some good stuff, my beta edits moved forward more than I thought. I may not get to the final one this weekend, and completion was the main goal. I'll take what I can get and be happy with it.

I think we're going to ban pecans from our house. All my dogs liked nuts and never had any problems before. They weren't given unsupervised access to all they could eat, including the shells.

We have tickets to Wonder Woman tomorrow, and even have someone who can watch the puppies. It may be all the date-night we can muster. Tonight, we're watching John Wick 2 on blu ray. It isn't date night, but it's the best we can manage.


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36 responses to “A change in plans

  1. John Wick 2 was a great movie. At least for me. Sorry to hear you and Otto are sick. Hope you both improve quickly. Never thought about giving a dog chicken soup. Does it work for everything?

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  2. Try ice, or make healthy ice cubes out of juice. Our vet even recommended ginger ale when one of the dogs was sick.

    I do hope you both feel better soon.

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    • I think I’m over my cold. Otto got some goof pain killers, and seems a bit more lively. I bought him a can of dog food, because I know he needs fluids. I need to figure out a quiet place in this circus to get on that last beta edit. Hope you’re having a great weekend.


  3. sorry to hear about Otto’s problem, hope it ‘passes’ quickly…

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  4. Oh poor Otto. Nothing worse thank being blocked. Hope he gets better soon. Oh and you of course πŸ˜‰

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  5. I like John Wick I better, but II was still good. Poor Otto! You called it. I hope you both feel better soon. When you first got Otto I did some research too, into bulldogs. They do seem to have more than their share of problems, like Rottweilers, but I firmly believe how their cared for makes a huge difference. Otto and the girls have an awesome life. They couldn’t ask for a better family. ❀

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  6. Poor Otto! Hope it passes quickly so he doesn’t have to be in pain for too long.


  7. Poor Otto and poor you, still suffering! 😦 Best to know these things about your pups sooner than later – case of loving nuts, but nuts not loving pups! :-S

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  8. You are lucky to have a vet at all hours. Hope Otto gets rid of the nuts.

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  9. Awwwwe, feel better Otto!

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  10. Poor Otto!
    I’m sorry you’re still on the mend, too.
    Progress, though, for all of you. I bet your missus is thrilled to have the day off tomorrow.

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  11. Hope you’ll both be on the mend very soon.

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  12. “A Day in the Life…” Hope Otto and you get 100% well soon!


  13. Good to hear both you and Otto are on the up-and-up. πŸ™‚


  14. Oh, poor Otto! It’s so good that you have a vet with that kind of 7-day access. I think this requires extra fussing and pampering which I’m sure you and your wife are doing, the way you spoil him and the girls.

    The Boyack house has really had some rough times lately. Here’s hoping everyone gets back to prime condition quickly!

    P.S…I love the photo of the girls in their bandannas.

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  15. Poor Otto – hope he’s feeling better by now! The girls are looking pretty snazzy in those bandannas. We saw WW this weekend – liked it, but it got kind of cheesy toward the end. And I’m always a fan of John Wick.

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