The Best?

Otto is still hurting, and there isn't much I can do about it. His pain killers make a huge difference, and time is the other necessary ingredient. He's sleeping under my feet as I type this. Walking around hurts, but he feels better afterward. We're going to take all of them for a walk after supper.

I got up early again, and this time I tackled the last beta edit for The Enhanced League. When everyone got up, it looked as though I wouldn't finish. It involved some big changes. The riskiest of which was to cut one story from the manuscript and move it. This is because I can't read a calendar, and the book goes in calendar order. I must have checked it three times myself, and six out of seven beta readers missed it too. Thank God for the seventh one.

The way this year has gone, I want to whisper this, but “I finished!” This isn't the end, yet. I need to read it a couple more times, before sending it to my formatter, but this is a major hurdle.

We got away for a few hours today and saw Wonder Woman. We have several movies we wanted to see, and I let my wife choose. She chose well.

I've been reading or watching superheroes since the 1960s. I watched the Adam West Batman when it was originally broadcast. I saw Superman, with Christopher Reeve in the theater. (Actually watched the old Superman series in black and white, but they were reruns.)

I've been at about all the superhero movies since then; Avengers, Spiderman, Batman, X-Men, etc. Some of them are amazing surprises, like Ant Man, or the first Ghostrider. Some of them just don't get there for me. I've even watched the pseudo superheroes, like Zorro, Lone Ranger, and The League of Extrordinary Gentlemen.

Having qualified my viewing credentials, I think I'm ready to call it: Wonder Woman is the best superhero movie I've ever seen. Let the teeth gnashing begin.

I checked some reviews. The reviews are polarizing. The reviewer either feels as I do, or it's the worst movie ever. This smacks of an old bitch that's been around forever, Marvel fanboys. If it isn't Marvel, it must be destroyed at all costs.

Marvel owns the superhero world right now. They've done fantastic things, and will do more. I love them, but it doesn't mean other great characters aren't out there, or that someone else can't pull this off. DC is famous for trotting out terrible movies based upon their characters, but this time they got it right.

Gal Gadot is a perfect Wonder Woman. She is beautiful enough, and I applaud DC in going with someone who wasn't a mainstream actress. Maybe they learned their lesson with Halley Berry. I like the idea that she looks athletic, but still female. They could have gone for a body builder, but stuck more with the track star physique.

She did a fine job too. When she smiles it lights up the theater. When she's supposed to be pissed, she looks pissed. No botoxed to death face here.

Chris Pine was great too. He is the bigger name, and could have taken over. He played the supporting role well. He may not remain the bigger name, but remember casting this one happened before Dawn of Justice.

There were some things, there always are. I saw the twist coming a mile away. I also don't recall the big reveal about Diana's parentage, and I subscribed to the comic for years. I'll call it poetic license and let it be.

I like the idea that Diana's mission was basically a hit job. She actually killed the guy with a sword too. There's no sugar coated girly cheesecake here. The fact that this kind of story is a hit with fans makes me feel a lot better about my next book.

My next work is going to be called The Hat. It's all outlined, but still needs a few things. It's going to be a paranormal buddy story with shades of Deathwish and Deadpool. If Diana can ventilate the bad guy, I think I'm on solid ground.

Tonight I'm having the last of my morels over a nice ribeye. Maybe I'll crack open a nice porter too. Hope everyone had a great weekend.



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46 responses to “The Best?

  1. Now, I’m wondering which story was out of order. Fully agree with you on the Marvel thing, but it seems they rule the movies more than the live TV shows, cartoons, and comics. At least they have more in the first two and reports have come out that Marvel changed so many of their legacy characters that sales took a hit. Not so much the changes, but the way they did it. For example, Falcon as Captain America ended up fighting more racists than villains with a plan for world domination/crime. Anyway, I definitely put Wonder Woman in my top 3 with Winter Soldier and Spider-Man 2. Although, I do love the original (Michael Keaton) Batman movie, Deadpool, and Logan. Not to mention Blade, which nobody seems to acknowledge as an early comic book movie. Yeah, I should stop before the ranting takes over.

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  2. I don’t really read comics/graphic novels, but I’m addicted to the films and television shows. And I agree with you—Wonder Woman is excellent. The movie isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely high quality. DC needed a win. I can’t wait to see Aquaman. (And, while I do like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I don’t think it has to be an MCU film to be good. Case in point: Wonder Woman!)

    Wishing Otto well.

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  3. I’m looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. I only ever saw one episode of the TV series with Lynda Carter and that was because I was a fan of the guest star, but the movie really appeals to me. My husband and I will probably wait until it hits rental thought and catch it On Demand. Our movie nights tend to be more at home.

    Hugs to Otto, poor guy. Hoping he just keeps improving.

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  4. I am excited to see Wonder Woman now since you like it so much. The previews were pretty good, I thought. Poor Otto.

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  5. Guess I need to go and see this flick. Everyone’s been saying such great things about it!

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  6. How’s poor Otto? What happened to him?


  7. Not feeling much like wonder woman here in Uk, the temperature is set to soar again today, and we are just not used to the heat! I’m wilting like last weeks greens…

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  8. Poor Otto. Glad you had one alert Beta reader.

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  9. I’m sorry Otto is not doing well. I know it breaks your heart. My little BFF isn’t doing well either. I’ve been about 6 weeks, trying desperately to get information, and then waiting… and waiting for test results, and then for the surgery appointment (which is Thursday). Sending good thoughts. Hugs.


  10. Congos on Enhanced League – I did spot it, but thought it was an on purpose flashback… 😛
    I’d go for track athlete over body builder for either gender any day of the year. Track physique is much more believable for all round regular peak fitness that involves getting away from the mirror and getting out in the real world doing normal stuff as well as honing muscle definition! LOL 😀
    Hopefully Otto will feel much better very soon, once he’s got rid of the load on his bottom… 🙂

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    • It only torques me, because I checked my calendar order. It’s all good today. That track physique lends itself better to ballgowns and such, which will happen if Diana has to be around Bruce Wayne. Otto is going back to the vet today.

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  11. I went to see Wonder Woman with my daughter and thoroughly enjoyed it! I thought the actress was perfect for the role!

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  12. Glad you enjoyed WW – and I agree – she was an excellent choice for the role. The Hat sounds intriguing – Deadpool? I’m there. Sending good thoughts for Otto.

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  13. Glad you were able to get to the last beta edit, and are one step closer to releasing the book.

    Poor Otto! I’m glad his pain pills are helping him some.

    Most people I know who have seen Wonder Woman have loved it. My hubby’s the big superhero encyclopedia in my house. I know a few things about some of them, and have enjoyed most of the superhero movies I’ve seen, but that’s as far as it goes. We haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but I know hubby wants to, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it myself.

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  14. It’s hard not to see the twist coming at times, isn’t it? This has become how I judge a suspense flick — Did the writer outwrite my own brain?
    I hope you enjoyed your dinner 🙂

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  15. I enjoyed Wonder Woman, but it didn’t blow me away like it did my husband. The slow-mo thing was engaging at first, but after about the third time I was over it. It felt like an annoying tic after a while.

    Also, though I’m always glad to see David Thewlis (Ares) his CGI armor fell flat for me. I would have preferred that he fight Diana in his faceless-bureaucrat guise. It would have been much more surprising to see a guy in a business suit going toe-to-toe with an Amazon.

    Like you said, little nits. Over all, I enjoyed it.

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  16. Eager to hear how Otto does at the vet.

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  17. I have always been a huge fan of all things Wonder Woman, and I am in agreement with you – and you’re right, there was no big reveal about her parentage in the comic. Not the way they did it in the movie. I appreciated the poetic license of it, they needed it to add the dramatic aspect to an otherwise straightforward character.

    I realize this is a month later (I have had a really busy plate in June/July) but I hope Otto is feeling better, and I’m enjoying catching up on all of your posts. You definitely have the most of all the bloggers I follow!

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