The time has come

I finished my edits. I wanted to make a fun post about Doubt the raven, since he always helps me with editing. My regular work schedule just doesn’t allow me any time for this. I had to make a choice, and either forge ahead, or put everything on hold for three weeks. You guys probably know me well enough to predict what I chose.

So here we are with a 37,000 word manuscript all ready for beta readers. My goal is to get five or six of you to read it and give me feedback. It’s a short book, so it really shouldn’t take very long.

Regulars will know that I’m constantly experimenting. It’s how I develop and grow as an author, and this book also had a personal goal. I wanted a collection of short stories that told an overarching story this time. There is a semi-main character, but he’s not in every story.

The Enhanced League is an alternate baseball league where anything goes. You’ll read about performance enhancing drugs, alongside a group of misfits who couldn’t get attention in the Major Leagues. The rules are a bit different, but not so much as to be unrecognizable.

This is also the one where I experimented with what I’m calling Anthems. These are second person presentations about the game of baseball that are intended to enhance the experience for the reader. I intend to call them out in the table of contents, but they aren’t called out in the MS yet. (Can’t make the TOC until I finish the beta adjustments.)

So there it is. I hope there are enough human elements to keep the book interesting for those who aren’t sports fans, or specifically baseball fans.

If you’d like to be a beta reader, I’m looking for about five of you. I can send a Word, Pages, EPub, PDF, or RTF format. All you have to do is drop me an email and let me know you’re interested.

I’d like to have the reports back by May 23rd. This is a week less than I usually allow, but the book is half as long.

If you’re still game, here is my email address, just modify it into a real email address. Coldhand (dot) Boyack (at) gmail (dot) com.

*  Quick edit here. I have enough volunteers for this book now. If you still want to volunteer, I will have The Yak Guy Project at this point fairly soon. I’ll put out a call for beta readers just like I did for The Enhanced League.


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30 responses to “The time has come

  1. Well done, Craig. Sounds like a good idea.

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  2. Congrats for getting it in the beta bag! 😀

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  3. Be happy to help with the beta reading, so I’ll send an email along. Trying to place the new wallpaper. I keep thinking ‘Blade Runner’, but it’s been so long since I saw the movie that I can’t be sure.

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  4. I’m getting ready to start my next project but before I dive in, I can make time for a beta. I’ll email. Congrats on your forward progress!

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  5. I’m swamped at the moment, but put me down for an ARC. I love your story collections.

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  6. Wonderful news, Craig — congratulations.

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  7. I may be too late but email sent! Congrats!

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  8. I’ll put out the word on social media and pick up a copy as soon as it’s released, and try to do a review as soon as I can after that. I have another sci-fi/sports anthology that I need to post a review for, so maybe I’ll do a series of SF sports posts.

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  9. Ali Isaac

    Wow! Cool cover, Craig! I love the idea of a series of short stories contributing to one overarching one. I’d love to betaread it for you, but I’m right in the middle of exams… my last one is 24th May. I’ll happily read it after that, but I guess that’s too late?

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    • I have all the volunteers I need right now, but I appreaciate the offer. I’ll just mention that I have the Yak Guy Project really close, and will be asking for betas again in a a few weeks. Best of luck on the exams.


  10. Like this cover! Sorry, I missed your betas, but then I’m not the best person to ask about baseball, lol. I could never see when I had to play it in school. I wear glasses and couldn’t when we had gym. Therefore, I couldn’t see the ball, lol.

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