Runs, Hits, Errors

This was not an overly productive day today. The big thing was managing to pay all the bills before I leave town.

I managed to get through my critique, and made all the changes I could. This particular critique had more good remarks than bad ones. Believe me, it doesn't always happen that way.

That's really about it on the productivity front. I spent too much time playing with the dog, and I watched a baseball game. We finally decided to take the plunge and get the MLB package, now I can watch baseball all summer.

I've reached a point where I have to change part of my plans. I cannot put off editing of The Enhanced League until I finish the draft of The Yak Guy Project. That was a good plan, before we drifted into Spring. With Summer fast approaching, I'd like to get The Enhanced League out there.

This isn't a horrible option, because I don't require the silence to edit. In some ways, a bit of peripheral noise keeps me from getting into the story and lets me concentrate on the line by line stuff. This means evenings will be spent editing. I'll take my iPad to Louisville, but may not have time to work on that kind of thing. At least I can answer comments, emails, and may get to update my blog. I can also follow along with the RRBC party if I wake up early every day.

Then there is my error… I told all of you I have the post tomorrow at Story Empire. This is because when I checked the scheduled posts, mine was next. This is not the case. My post is up Wednesday, and someone else has to post tomorrow. Sorry about that, but with my iPad in tow, I can mange comments on Wednesday. Visit tomorrow anyway. Story Empire is made up of some awesome authors and you're bound to find something good.

Tonight, I'll probably start on my word searches. This is part of my editing process, because after this much time I know what errors I usually make. I have a living document with them and can go through them in order.

Tomorrow, I am going to start with The Yak Guy Project. It's my last good day to draft new material for about two weeks. Fingers crossed.


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20 responses to “Runs, Hits, Errors

  1. Best wishes for a good trip.

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  2. Interesting comment on peripheral noise. Never thought about how it helps with editing in that fashion. I can see how that makes sense too. I wouldn’t be surprised if that tactic is more common than I realized.

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  3. It is quite a challenge to be away from home and still stay connected on some level. I have the same dilemma as I am leaving on Friday for Atlanta Georgia to attend a writer’s conference and will be gone eight days. Laptop will be in tow for sure!

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  4. Your life sounds a lot like mine, Craig. Get up early to write blogs, read blogs and check and respond to comments. Go to work and earn your keep and spend the evenings as for the mornings. It is a grand life! We are lucky to have such excellent and fulfilling hobbies.

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  5. If it helps, your day was more productive than mine. Well, unless binge watching NCIS counts as being productive? 😉

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  6. Safe and productive travels, Craig.

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  7. Fingers crossed!
    My, you are productive!

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  8. Enjoy Louisville! Even though you won’t be there for Derby, they start celebrating early.

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