I love it when a plan comes together

I failed to take my own advice last night, and didn't do my word searches on The Enhanced League. I read the whole thing from start to finish last night, and I like it. The word searches can happen at any time, and maybe I can deal with some of them on the road during the week.

After I finish with them, this book will be ready for beta readers.

I slept in a bit this morning, but was still up before seven. Otto needed some “poodle time,” But he's snoring away in his bed right now.

His down time leads to my opportunity. The first draft of The Yak Guy Project is in the vault. I ended with a couple of emotional scenes, but it was the right place in my mind. I always like the “life goes on” ending, and after I wrapped up some threads, it just felt perfect.

It still needs some things, no doubt. This one is in first person, so I'm sure most of the sentences start with I, my, or we. This is the bane of first person, but I usually manage to change enough of them to make it palatable. Right now, it needs to rest while I turn full attention to Enhanced League.

My plans don't always come together, but this is exactly where I wanted to be sometime today.

I still worry about word count, but I've convinced myself that shorter is better for 21st century sensibilities. Enhanced League is 37,000 words more or less. Yak Guy is a novel at nearly 70,000. This will change during the editing phases, but it gives you a rough idea.

I don't know what to do with myself for the rest of the day, but I'll probably start those word searches. I need to read some blogs too, and now I have time to enjoy them.

Sounds like I need a new plan, and that has to be a call for beta readers. If I'm lucky that will happen next weekend, but I'd have to get incredibly lucky. Doubt, the raven, is whetting his beak as I type this. He loves my editing phase.

I also owe Chris Graham a few more posts, but if I drag my feet, I may be able to write about a new book.


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22 responses to “I love it when a plan comes together

  1. Congrats, Craig!! Doubt always will have us think we can’t do it, and then we do. 🙂 Enjoy your trip.

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  2. Ah, Hannibal. How I miss the A-Team.

    Take the wins where you get them, Craig. And the sleep when you can get it. Think of it this way… you went from no new releases to two on the horizon. That, to me, is a great success. Best wishes!

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  3. Congrats on the plan working. Always a nice feeling . . . I assume. How long is your trip going to be?

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  4. Congratulations. You going to call for beta readers or are you going to send invites. If it is a call I’m volunteering.

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  5. Well good 🙂

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  6. Congratulations. Always feels good to get that first draft done. (And I’m still working on my WIP – the going is slow, but I’ll get there.)

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  7. I’m glad the plan came together. I hope you enjoyed your bit of breathing space before you need to tackle a new plan.


  8. Congrats – and I’m very envious of your productivity.

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  9. Congrats on finishing your book. It’s the best feeling, isn’t it?

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