The saga of today

I've been waiting for some news all day. It never came, and so the post I had planned will have to wait for another time.

My wife works at a hospital, and her holiday time has to be shared. She got today off, but has to work tomorrow and Monday. My instructions were to entertain Otto, the dog, for a few hours so she could sleep in.

We had some degree of success with what I call poodle time. It involves him zoning out in my lap and leaving my poor wife her one day to sleep in.

I spent a little bit of time playing pumpkin ball, and since the squeaker has been tusked to death, it makes a quiet toy now. (There on the floor in the picture.)

The sun came up, but at five degrees it didn't seem to make much difference. The world was covered in pogonip. This is a Nevada/Indian word for what everyone else calls hoarfrost.

It really is beautiful, and I spotted a great horned owl in one of the trees around town. I couldn't get a shot of him without too many branches in the way, so you'll have to imagine how wonderful it was. The screens at the local baseball diamond were like thin sheets of ice twenty feet tall.

We decided to spoil Otto by taking him to the pet store. He chose a couple of squeaky bones, and a furry football. Then we stopped by Whole Foods and my wife grabbed a pair of lobsters.

Quiet night indoors for us. New Years Eve has been called amateur night by many, and it's a good time to stay off the roads.

I got a new X-Box for Christmas, and we decided to play with it tonight. Not much fun there. Umpteen jillion megabite downloads are required, and it's been pretty useless so far. I've never owned a gaming system before, so this came as a surprise. Then the controller needed an update, then each game needs an update…boring.

I managed a bit of short fiction, and that has to count as my victory today. That's only a writing victory, and the dog, the pogonip, the nice dinner with my wife are bigger victories.

Hope you are all having a nice New Year's celebration, and be careful out there.


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42 responses to “The saga of today

  1. That’s a cold looking lonely buffalo up there. I love the way the frost looks from here in Florida, too. Can’t say I really miss it though. I like the quiet in the air after a snow. I read an article about how ice and snow insulate sound. Could use that around here. Cars, trucks, sirens, fireworks…not exactly serene. Otto looks comfy. šŸ™‚

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  2. Ah, modern gaming and its downloads. Good thirty got rid of those pesky load screens. šŸ˜œ Never heard of New Years being called amateur hour. We’re staying in ourselves since we lack a babysitter. Have a happy new year.

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  3. Sorry to hear you didn’t get the news you were waiting for Craig. Gaming systems are a pain in the **** for updates *sigh*. The wee one’s had a chest infection over the holidays so it’s been a subdued one here too. Hope 2017 is good for you and your family. Happy New Year, have a peaceful one šŸ™‚

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  4. Wow for the pogonip wallpaper! Trust Jack Frost to go one better with security wire design! šŸ˜€
    Happy New Year to you and yours CraIg! šŸ˜‰

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  5. carmens007

    Our backyard tree will soon look like the one in the image you posted. we’ve had no snow, at least in my area, until now. Only strong winds, sounding like blizzard. But the weather forecast says we’ll have the famous around here, “Epiphany frost.” when even the Danube freezes. Brr!
    Happy New Year to you and family, Otto included!

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  6. Your game player should be up to speed by now and I hope it is fun. I loved the photo of the frost. Better you than me. Don’t know what to tell you about your news. Stand and wait is good advice on this one. Happy New Year.

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  7. Happy New Year, and mega hugs!

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  8. Happy New Year, Craig! And yes, I can imagine the great horned owl!

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  9. We spent New Year’s Eve at home (lobster tail dinner…some thinking alike there!), then stayed up and watched the ball drop and had a champagne toast. I managed to rework 5 chapters of a really old novel today which is my next WIP, so I feel like I made progress, even though I’m kind of lost on the direction I’m heading.

    Otto looks like he was very comfy.
    Raven is curled up on my desk napping right now, but I think it’s soon time for toy time. Happy 2017!

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  10. Well I like that word, pogonip, but you’re right, we do call it hoarfrost. Thanks for the new word šŸ™‚
    My son comes over here all the time to update his Xbox. It’s a thing.
    We hosted last night, usually we do, because we neither one like to be out on the roads NYE.

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  11. Happy New Year!! Like the buffalo!!

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  12. I love that I always learn something from you. Today, a great new word for hoarfrost. Thanks.

    Sounds like you had a cozy night in. The doglings and I did the same. Hubby wasn’t feeling well and was asleep early, and the kids were out with their friends, so it was just me and my furry friends. A quiet start to what I hope is a calm year. Happy New Year to you and yours, Craig.

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  13. Ali Isaac

    That frosty scene looks beautiful. We are just cold and very wet. Hope your wife got a lovely long lie in. Hugs to Otto. Xxx

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  14. WOW! What a stunning image! All in all, it sounds like a fun day with someone you love. What more can you ask for? šŸ™‚

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