Grandfather style tea, and some promo

I drink tea all year long. This is all I make at work, and that involves an Irish Breakfast tea I like. It comes in teabags, and that makes it easier at the office.

With the changing seasons, I make tea at home more often. When I'm home, I prefer some of the quality loose leaf teas. Now I know about a teapot and all the paraphernalia that goes along with it. I even own some of this stuff, but these days I prefer Grandfather style tea.

To make tea this way, you need to pay attention to which kind you buy. Many great teas go acrid if you leave them in the water too long. I love a good Darjeeling, but it won't work here. I have one called Golden Monkey that works great. This time I chose Dragon Pearl Oolong, because it also works great and lends itself to more photos.

First you need a cup. I like a big mug when I make tea this way. I just happened to get a new one yesterday.

This is a BIG mug. First thing you do is add your loose leaf tea directly to the mug. For Golden Monkey it's like a big three fingered pinch. In this case I'm using five pearls.

See why they call it Dragon Pearl Oolong.

Boil your water and pour it right in the cup. The pearls will unravel and coat the bottom of the cup with leaves. These leaves remain in the cup the entire time.

When it looks like a decent cup of tea, enjoy.

Loose leaf teas can be expensive, but I really like them. By making it Grandfather style, I can get three quality cups from one pinch of tea. After that, I chuck the leaves in the flower bed. I could probably add one pearl and keep it going, but I don't

I ordered ten of these mugs for promotional purposes. I chose an image where I also make an appearance, even though Lisa will get all the attention. My plan is to give them away over time.

I learned that most promotions involve a giveaway of some kind these days. I'm an ebook guy, and winning an ebook doesn't exactly fire anyone up. I've seen a lot of Amazon gift cards too. We gave away a gift card during the book blast, and we're still giving away a card on the extended Paranormal Bar & Grille tour. We're still doing our scavenger hunts and there are ten gift cards plus five ebooks at stake. Since I'm mentioning it again, you can get in on the scavenger hunts here.

I'm trying to figure out something different, and these are good mugs. Lisa always makes a great graphic, but I added the link to my Amazon author page on the back. Lesson learned, I would use a link shorter the next time. A QR code might work too, but didn't want to work on the site I used to build these.

Questions for you guys: Would you ever try Grandfather style tea? If you have, do you like it? Would you be more inclined to enter a giveaway if one of these mugs took the place of an Amazon card or an ebook? Would you ever type in the link on the back, or am I expecting too much? Either way, I have nine more of these and I'm going to try it on my next promotion. I'm keeping this mug for myself.


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43 responses to “Grandfather style tea, and some promo

  1. Very curious about the taste of Golden Monkey tea and the Grandfather style seems interesting. I use a Keurig and tea bags when I have tea. I really like anything with strawberry, but it’s so hard to find. Sounds like this style is more of the Asian varieties. I like the idea of a mug as part of the giveaway, but I’m not sure about the QR Code or link. Those seem to work best on an object that you wear and carry around. Mugs tend to stay in the house or office, so you don’t get a lot of visual traffic. I did stickers with QR Codes way back in 2013 and they got me some traffic. They seem to be rarer these days for some reason.

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  2. I haven’t tried Grandfather style tea, I’m more of a java girl. I do like a cup of Jasmine Pearl occasionally though. That green variety gets bitter though so it’s better brewed in an infuser. How many ounces is that mug? JD uses a huge mug and if that’s comparable I’d enter to try getting him one. ☺

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  3. I had not heard the term
    Grandfather style but now I want to try some loose leaf tea. I imagine there are a fair number of people who would type in the address on the mug looking for more of where that well endowed robot came from…

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    • She draws attention, I know that for sure. On someone’s office desk it could be good promo. In a cupboard at home, not so much. Loose leaf are great, and I have the kettle and even a tea ball. Grandfather style is easier to clean up, but you have to be picky about the kind of tea.

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  4. Susan

    I use green and black organic teas to make my Kombucha, but I haven’t had an active SCOBY going on in a while because my daughter kept bringing me back dozens of dirty bottles to wash and it’s easier for me to buy it. Not much of a tea drinker, but love my coffee from a good mug in the morning. I’m thinking of having mugs made with the Brave Blue Heron Books logo on it. Not for any special promo, but so people can buy them when they buy the books at signings if they want to. I don’t get really hyped up about swag for promos, but I know there are folk out there that seek these sorts of things out. Wish you much success.

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  5. Ali Isaac

    The mug is cool. The tea is cool too. Although I dont understand what you mean by grandfather style. I’ve never seen tea pearls before. The best tea I ever had was fresh mint tea in Morrocco… they make it in a tiny glass. They put a bunch of fresh mint in the glass then pour boiled green tea over it and add a TON of sugar. You leave the mint in the glass and drink your tea through it. Its absolutely the best tea ever!

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  6. I drink hot tea nightly most nights, but always when the weather is cold. I’m not a fan of the loose teas, because mess and cleaning the contraptions and whatnot, and ingesting any stray leaves always upsets my stomach. Tea bags are best for me, and variety is the spice of life 🙂
    Got some new Italian coffee this morning, and whoa it’s good and strong, but it may be a bit too bitter for me to drink every day. I had to add sugar. Coffee is life, tea is sleep 😉
    I wish someone would gift me an Amazon card. Oh the fun I would have!
    Good luck with your promo items 😀

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  7. I frequently drink loose leaf tea and I love a pot of gunpowder green mixed with mint. I love mixing my own teas too. As for the mug, it’s a great idea! I’m trying to think of something like this myself, we’ll see what I come up with. I would have put my website address on the back, perhaps Facebook and Twitter too. No more than three links though. Good luck with the promos and I look forward to seeing Lisa out and about!

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  8. I usually use a teaball but I’ve had such a problem with them breaking on me. This grandfather method sounds like it might work for me!! Thanks for the tip!! Also, the mugs look great!! I’d definitely enter a giveaway for a mug.

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  9. I confess I’m a snob about coffee and bring tea to make at work. I use loose leaves and a tea ball shaped like a spoon. I like being able to switch teas if I feel like it on a certain day.

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  10. Ah yes, I do like a man who appreciates a good cup of tea! I like mine in a big mug too. Do you ever put a bit of milk in your tea, a la British style? Obvioulsy we don’t do do that with all types of tea, but I was thinking particularly of the Irish breakfast tea you mentioned. I don’t like bitterness in tea and so milk neutralises those tanins. Definitely not cream though or half and half. I like a creamer in coffee, but straight milk in tea. The dislike of bitterness is also why I prefer white tea to green tea. Earl Grey is a fairly staple tea for me, most days I have at least one cup of that, and again with a little milk. I do like trying different teas though, I’ll always accept if someone offers me a tea I haven’t tried before.

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  11. I had no idea what grandfather tea was and had to Google it. I do like tea, and I often brew with tea leaves, but I always put them in a tea ball. I stick mostly with herbal or decaf teas, but drink them without additives like milk, honey or lemon. If I found some pearls, I might give grandfather tea a try (which reminds me I’m getting low on my tea supply).

    The mugs are fun! I’m not sure anyone would type out a long link, but next time you could use a link shortener, and then you might get some people plugging it in. I’ve won a few mugs in giveaways, but I’m super particular about my coffee and tea mugs, so I haven’t used them. I have special mugs I like that I use all the time (most have to do with cats!). When it comes to giveways, I like ebooks when I’m interested in the book (which isn’t always the case). I will never say no to an Amazon gift card. Personally, I think that’s the best prize anyone can offer.

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  13. I like the mug and the Grandfather tea. I had to give up caffeine a little while ago, so I’m now drinking rooibos – either vanilla or chai spiced, depending on my mood. I might have to look into some of those tea pearls, though, they’re pretty neat.
    I haven’t tried an e-book giveaway, but I have run a few paperback giveaways on Goodreads which went pretty well, in that I did get some reviews. However, a mug is a great idea and it’s a bit different, too.

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  14. Don’t you slurp up the loose leafs if you leave them in there? I’m a huge tea drinking. That’s all I drink, because I’m allergic to coffee. So I’ve tried almost every tea on the market at one time or another, but I don’t like anything floating in my cup. I do like the pearl idea, but only if I could scoop them out before drinking. Is it orange pekoe?

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  15. Marc Farris

    We drink two pots of loose leaf Irish Breakfast with a cube of ground fresh ginger in the first pot. Use a strainer. Single serve cake or brownie in a cup in the microwave is another good use

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  16. TheBestBrainFood

    Be sure to check out for all your dietary needs!


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