Rebirth of the Monster Maker (Submissions by C.S. Boyack)

Charles asked for creature names recently for his Monster Maker posts. I submitted some for his consideration. Today he ran them through the Monster Maker and shared them. Check them out, and consider following this talented blogger and author while you’re there.

Legends of Windemere

(Submission by C.S. Boyack)


Created from a Placid, which is a being made out of water, and a Bluecap Sprite, which is an earth fairy.  This combination happens when a Placid seeps through the soil and washes over a Bluecap.  Their magical energies merge to create the Feykin species known as the Tarscrit.  It is raised by the Placid parent due to a connection since both are liquid in appearance.  A big difference is that while a Placid is water, a Tarscrit resembles sticky mud that many mistake for tar.  Hence the first part of the name.  The ‘scrit’ comes from the sound it makes while digging through the earth.  It is rare for one of these Feykin to leave the underground because they can harden very quickly.

Malig Knight

These Feykin have mysterious origins because nobody is sure what they look like out of their armor.  Some people…

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  1. Cool trailer. Love the spooky music.

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