Getting things done.

This is one of those days where I had a lot of little things to get finished. Any one of them doesn't seem like much, but they add up. I tore into them with gusto, but my gusto is about exhausted.

Here is a list of the items I tackled:

  • Picked a section and sent off my critique submission to that group.
  • Made some artwork for a group promo I have going on.
  • Made a final proof for a Lisa Burton Radio post and sent it out.
  • Sent out a questionnaire for Lisa Burton Radio.
  • Sent out a micro-fiction for an anthology. (I promised to try writing a short story too. By September 7th.)
  • Wrote posts for the Second Notebook blog tour. (Seven down, five to go.)
  • Prepared a post for an October event I was invited to. This host wanted it copy and paste ready, so there was a learning curve. I haven't heard back as to whether I did it right or get to try again.
  • Got a new piece of Lisa Burton art. Catalogued it and stored it for future use. It has nothing to do with the second Experimental Notebook.
  • Assembled and scheduled this week's Lisa Burton Radio.

Like I said, they're small things. Somehow, in bulk, they managed to eat up about seven hours.

This is what I do when I get a day off. I probably missed some things, and neglected a few I should have done. When the list gets big, I hit it hard and clean up the mess later. Many of these things have deadlines, and cannot wait. Tomorrow the paycheck job beckons.

I could do more. There are still five more blog tour posts to write. Somehow I think I'm done today. I kind of feel like this old picture of Otto.




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21 responses to “Getting things done.

  1. Such a cute puppy. Congrats on tearing into the list. 🙂

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  2. Otto is the cutest. Good progress on the list.

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  3. Wow! I am both – impressed and feel like a slacker – after reading your accomplishments! 😳

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  4. I think your dog is an excellent role model.

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  5. N. N. Light

    Well done on kicking butt on your to-do list. I do the same thing when my deadline-driven tasks overflow from my planner: head down to get to work. The positive? The day flies by. Kudos to you. Awww cute pic.

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  6. That’s some list! No wonder you and Otto were tired afterwards:)

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  7. Yes, why do the small things take so long? Could be a conspiracy, I suppose. Love the puppy!

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  8. That’s some list you tackled. Congrats on all the accomplishes. And wow, it’s amazing how much Otto has grown from that cute puppy picture!

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  9. Love the puppy frog legs!!! I hear ya. Yesterday I kept my head down, grinding out the words. Today, I feel like it’s a crap shoot between writing and marketing. So glad you had a productive day. It’s such a great feeling, isn’t it.

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