In my element

We went back to Newport for the day. The old dock area is pretty fun, with an active fishing industry, pubs, and cute shops. Old What’s Her Face* bought a tee shirt that says “Goonies never say die.” She and our daughter hit the shops.

I’ve written many posts about how I love fishing, foraging, and even hunting. Being at the ocean is a rare opportunity for me, and I took full advantage of it. I’ll probably skip clamming, because it takes a day or two to purge them of sand. We don’t have enough days left for that.

I scored an old fish head, and headed for the public dock. I only own one crab ring, but am allowed to fish with three. I’d show you a photo of the crab ring, but WiFi is being pretty wonky here.

We are allowed to catch either sex of red rock crab, and only male Dungeness over 5 3/4 inches across the carapace. The red rocks remind me of stone crab. They have huge claws, and even have black tips on them. The resemblance ends there, because they are brilliant red. I caught a few with no claws, and suspect someone snapped them off before returning them to the sea. (Illegal, but the claws will grow back.)

I hauled in several nets with multiple small and/or female Dungeness. The tide turned, and all the other fishermen left. I stuck it out, because the girls were shopping anyway. I wound up with the Mac Daddy of all Dungeness crabs, then I brought in his brother.

I am allowed 24 red rock crabs, and 12 legal Dungeness. Even Old What’s Her Face can’t eat that much crab. I brought home eight of the little guys, and my two giant Dungeness crabs.

Dinner is on me!

Add one ear of corn each, skipped the potatoes. There isn’t much left. (Okay, there isn’t any left.) my daughter doesn’t eat anything much more exciting than Mac & Cheese, or a hamburger. My wife and I put this all away.

I stopped back by the brewery from night one and bought my friend a jar of mustard he requested. It’s right beside the road on the way home. My daughter liked their blackberry cider, and we bought her a growler of that.

Cracking open an Alaskan Pumpkin Ale and getting ready to actually watch Goonies. Have a nice evening everyone.

* Not actually the name on our marriage license.


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15 responses to “In my element

  1. And a great time was had by all! šŸ™‚

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  2. Sounds like a successful day. Kind of disturbed about someone catching a crab, taking the claws, and throwing it back. Aside from illegal that comes off as rather creepy. Hope you have another fun day.

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  3. What a feast! I love Dungeness crabs!

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  4. Look great. Yum. Used to eat them when I lived in the SF area.

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  5. Oh, those crabs look very tasty! I love being by the sea, and I feel very lucky to live right next to it and have a summer-house by the sea!


  6. Oh I love crab. All crab. Mmhm!

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  7. Ali Isaac

    I have trouble eating things which look much the same as they did while still alive. I swear that big crab is looking at me! Sounds like youre having fun!


  8. Nice dinner plate. When we fish, we often catch blue crabs but toss them back…just too much effort to pick through. I love me some snow crab or King crab, though.


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