Kind of wiped out today

We headed about 80 miles north, to Astoria today. The problem is it takes about six hours to get there. Traffic is horrendous, and slow.

We also stopped at Cannon Beach both directions. Astoria is kind of a bust. It just doesn’t have the charm of the other coastal towns. We drove past the Goonies house, but it is privately owned. We found an article that said the owner isn’t too happy that Google marked it on their maps. People knock at all hours of the day and night, they leave trash in his yard, etc. We drove past and moved on.

Cannon beach is where a lot of the scenery for the movie was filmed, and it’s much more charming. We stopped again on the way back to take pictures of what I’m calling the One Eyed Willy rocks.

I added another tee shirt to my pile. This one has a cool Bigfoot graphic on it. When winter comes, I’m going to have some cool new shirts to wear around the house.

I took one photo in Cannon Beach, because the place spoke to me. All of the downtown is so cute and put together, then there is this one building. It’s been neglected, and looks like a story element to me. One of my commenters said she likes my inspirational stuff, so here it is. Haunted art gallery, anyone?

We drove through some ancient forests today. The undergrowth consisted of blackberries, segmented grasses, and ferns. All the downed logs were covered in thick mosses. The whole thing screams, “Once upon a time.” It isn’t hard to envision Treebeard, or fairies living there.

I’ve read many stories where magic ebbed and flowed in some cycle. Most of the time it’s the lunar cycle. Why not the tide? This is also influenced by the moon, but it happens twice per day. It might be fun to delay the final battle with your evil character to time the low tide, when the character is weaker. Miss it, and the monster may come after you on the high tide. It could increase the urgency, whereas waiting for a month could get boring.

That’s it for tonight. I bought a shellfish license, and may throw out my crab ring tomorrow. I love crabbing, and the eating isn’t bad either.


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15 responses to “Kind of wiped out today

  1. Ali Isaac

    Thats a lot of driving. Pity that people treat thats mans house with so little respect. Id refuse visitors too if thats how they treated me. Shocking behaviour. Love the photo of the haunted house… its amazing! Also love the idea of magical powers waxing and waning with the tides… I could use that!

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  2. Sucks that the guy is being harassed by fans of the movie. I’ve heard of that happening to other places that became famous. It’s like people ignore the fact that others live there and it isn’t a silent monument to a film.

    Interesting tide/magic idea. You could have a world where the tide isn’t as common too. Like what if high tide happens once a month or something, which is when magic is at its most volatile state. Think I’m going in the wrong direction here.

    By the way, I’m always impressed with your nature knowledge. Never heard of segmented grass.

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  3. Six hours and 80 miles yikes! That sucks!

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  4. That run-down old house looks awesome. Trying to figure out what the white thing is in the upper window. The remnant of a curtain? Could be a ghost….my mind is already working on conjuring story lines 🙂

    I love the magic/tide idea. And I used to go crabbing on the eastern shore every summer, almost every weekend for over a decade. We started with crab lines then moved up to crab pots when we realized how great they taste. We caught blue crabs but I think dungeness are normally caught in the northwest, right? They’re actually my favorite.


  5. Ooh, I love that house! Now that’s inspirational at its finest. Back to work…


  6. Looks like about the same caliber of Oregon real estate as a rental I used to live in near Monroe

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  7. Stone crabs are coming into season here. I love them, but lots of work for a meal. Creepy and inviting at the same time, your little art gallery. That could be a set up for a most interesting story. Welcome to my art gallery…yes, that’s Dorian Gray.


  8. The coastal towns do have a special charm, don’t they? And I do love your one weathered store among the shiny ones. There’s a metaphor there, I’m certain.

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